In Anheime, they will have a Selanne jersey and no one will make his number

Anaheim. Legendary Finnish hockey striker Teemu Selänne has won another honor. The Anaheim Ducks O’Neill, at the ceremony on Jan. 11, will have his 8-hole jersey under the ceiling of his arena, and no one ever gets kicked in the club. He will become the first player in the club history to disable his jersey.

The “Teemu Tribute Night” ceremony will take place in the Honda Center before the Anaheim duel with Winnipeg Jets, Selana’s first NHL team. He spent eighteen years there

“It’s a huge tribute,” said a 44-year-old Finnish striker. “The Ducks have made an exceptional place for me and my family from Anaheim.I’m looking forward to spending this extraordinary evening with fans who have been so busy for eighteen years. “

The Helsinki native settled in southern California, which he considers his second home, last year at Laguna Beach Opened a successful steak house and, together with his wife and four, are living in Coto De Caza’s home near his beloved golf course.

In May, Selanne completed a great NHL career in May. And the Stanley Cup winner of 2007 played 21 seasons in overseas profilige, and 1451 in the base he scored 1457 points. In the playoff he played 130 duels with a 44 + 44 balance.In Anaheim, he is historically the leader in virtually all offensive features, including goals, assists and the number of matches played. “Teemu is our club icon and deserves to be the first player to disable our jersey, and our dedication to our organization and community is unbeatable,” said Anaheim Ducks owner Henry Samueli.

Selanne entered the NHL in the 1992/1993 season and immediately pulled his attention. In the New Year’s season he scored a record 76 goals for Winnipeg Jets and scored 132 points. In other clubs, he did not resolve. In the 1995/1996 season, Jets switched to Anaheim Ducks, where he eventually played with 15-season breaks, and California became his second home.Meanwhile he also worked in San Jose Sharks and Colorado Avalanche.

But he was most pleased with Anaheim, where he returned in the 2005/2006 season. He excelled at his speed and skill as he earned the nickname “Finnish Flash”.

He started his career at Jokerite Helsinki, where he spent the entire youth period and may still appear in his jersey. He is currently considering a new KHL newcomer to be one season in the team.