Inter Milán – Atalanta Bergamo 7:1

Excellent spectacle this afternoon showed Inter Milan players who have no mercy to opponents of Bergamo. He scored a hat-trick as expected Mauro Icardi, three goals to his account could also enroll EVER Banega. Against teammates until recently he has gained a young man Gagliardini.

That was a ride! More mercy rival had perhaps Deadpool or Charlie Sheen in the hot shots. It was supposed to be a duel of two aspirants to battle for Europe, with just Atalanta had great form and optimism kick to his opponent on the ground overplayed. But the results probably waited a few. Seven wickets in the network OROBICA, while goalkeeper Samir Handanovic capitulated only once.

And both coaches tried to send out on the lawn for the best. Before goalkeeper Handanovic stood D’Ambrosio, Medel, Miranda and Ansaldi, Captain Icardiho supported Candreva, Banega and Perišić. Role defenders, however in today’s result sounds odd, the best hosts assumed the trio Tolo, Caldara and Zukanović. The big guns was obviously a pair Gómez and Petagna while Kessiého received on or Kurtiće.

In the first ten minutes, both teams rather know and except for one missile on both sides there was no indication that there should be such a big gunfight. Until then things started to happen. Icardi running alone on goalkeeper was fouled and Inter gambled standard situation. Tolo got an extra yellow card. But it was not the worst, because Icardi with a penalty kick pushed when it visiting defenders repelled the ball.

Immediately after goalkeeper Berisha in an attempt to salvage the situation fouled advancing Maurca Icardiho and Judges Irrati whistled a penalty! Besides another yellow card for Atalanta goalkeeper Mauro Icardi primarily from the penalty changed – 2: 0th

Argentine gunman today was hungry and Atalanta defenders in those phases of the game could not keep up at all. The fight for the king of shooters in Italy will be very interesting because Icardi a mere three minutes later jumped centered the ball and sent it into his head countermovement goal – 3: 0 for Inter and Atalanta’s starting to look very sad.

It was the worst Atalanta but still ahead because critical period continued. Series has been on EVER Banega, who played after thirty minutes, received a missed recording and put away the ball past the keeper Berisha! Before the visitors could recover, the network had another piece. Antonio Candreva recorded from the side into the box, where defenders La Dea did not cover either of the pair Icardi – Banega and the latter was not wrong – 5: 0th

Goal festival went well before the end of the first half when he pushed Atalanta. Remo Freuler took place in Inter’s defense, which obviously was not paying attention. Then he overcame the goalkeeper Handanovće who could not keep a clean sheet. It is hard but we can talk about honor, success, perhaps only for a reduction.