Is there a fiasco? The Americans in the preparation for OH lost all the matches

Seven years ago, Vancouver had a fierce final fight with Canada, four years later, the United States fell into the fight for bronze. American selections have been among the Olympic medalists in the last decade, but after 20 years they will have to go without a reinforcement from the NHL. And the tournament review in Germany did not sound good at all – the US lost all the matches.

“While we are undoubtedly concerned about the outcome, the tournament has helped us in the process of choosing the Olympic List,” the Tony Granato team coach said quietly in the US coach interview.

Yes, the Americans did not engaging the best they could.Yet the outcome of the tournament in Germany must be given to the coach, whose members are besides Granata and names such as Chris Chelios and Scott Young, to wrinkle.

Many misses, few goals

The list of names did not look bad on the paper, the experienced NHL champions (Gionta, Malone) added to the European ice rinks (Sexton, Lundin). Among them is also the goalkeeper Mlada Boleslav, 26-year-old Brandon Maxwell.

“If two years ago someone told me that I was going to play in preparation for the Olympic Games, then I would think he was going crazy,” he said. a recent interview for He was curious to see himself in the tournament.The coaches sent him to the goal, only against the backslaps of Russia, with which the Americans lost 2: 5.

The home Germans also gave the United States a “five”, the Slovaks were under crushing firing, still the Americans pushed tightly 2: 1 . Grant’s superiors have broken down all of their opponents, only endlessly they were cowardly.

Among the attackers of the US team has so far the biggest goal in their club Sean Backman, who scored 13 goals in Eisbären Berlin in 20 matches. Names such as Brian Giont or Ryan Malone were horrifying in the eyes of goalkeepers, but both veterans experienced the best times ten years ago.They are in the team for the experience that is, of course, in big tournaments.

Slovaks with my hands

> Although the coaches have advised that the team from the Deutschland Cup is definitely not the one who is wearing the national jersey in Pchjongchang, the time is no longer left. It is also hard to imagine that there would be more and more high-quality players in Europe outside the current selection. Granato and his advisors will have to work largely with what they had in Germany.

But the tournament was a success, they were Slovaks. Under Canadian coach Craig Ramsay, they only lost to Russia, while even Patrick Rybár kept a clean account against the German team.And so the general manager of the selection Miroslav Šatan had just words of praise on his lips.

“Ramsay coach before the tournament set up a system that we were worried about being effective”, admitted Šatan uncertainty for “But we were surprised to see the result on the ice. We won two matches, it works. “