It is good that Pavel Vrba took over representation?

What was initially considered Peltovu obsession and almost impossible, finally became a reality. After a successful rematch with CSKA Pilsen Pavel Vrba finally became coach of the Czech national team. On the Internet, especially at the stage of negotiations boiled debate about whether it is a step in the right direction or not. Pavel Vrba is a good coach for representation? A Do not lose to the football club? The answer, of course, will bring to future developments, but let’s at least a magnifying glass rational thinking look at the most common objections against Pavel Vrba representational role in the pilot.
1stPavel Vrba is too conceptual type of coach Home Pavel Vrba is a conceptual coach Pavel Vrba needs constant work with the team, etc. It’s hard to say what the coach then we should want to represent. Hardly anyone enforce at club level without any vision that his team would have passed without training and yes, without conceptual work. Where to find a coach who only took over the club and soon began winning in the long term? She also had representation at work is the concept. Pavel Vrba While you will be able to transform the player in his own image and be able to your player permanently instilling certain elements.Nevertheless, or precisely because in the long term will have to work with the players – keep track of all Czech players playing at the highest level, to explore the game and then insert them into your concept and adjust according to the form of the players. If not satisfied with the game on the wings, and yet he wants to practice, so you just have to find a wing player to be able to carry out his instructions. Thus comes the benefit of players long remodel, but gains an advantage to the player to choose freely as needed. In addition, as Pavel Vrba has worked as an assistant at the Slovak national team and led the youth team, and therefore certainly knows what the job entails.
2.With such gaming material nor Vrba could do nothing Home And these objections is in discussions crowded. I always taste then regret the fact that in Pilsen it is very Brazilian, African, Balkánec…You Vrba worked mainly in Plzen with the Czech players and they now form the backbone of representation – Limberský, Jiracek, Pilar and others. Vrba Czech players can benefit and achieve great results with them. Yes, currently we can beat Spain, Germany and other European giants, but that’s no reason for us losing to Denmark, Armenia and cowardly plichtili home with Bulgaria.Current team definitely has the potential to make fighting the Second European teams train and an overview progressed to the final of the tournament. Who expects a willow returns EURO 2004 will probably be disappointed, but I do not know why the coach, who with Pilsen overcame Copenhagen, Borisov, Naples and Atletico Madrid, should now tremble before Scotland, Montenegro and Poland, as recently its predecessor was.
third Willow need the club to educate our players Home As I mentioned, a lot of current representation based on the players who are playing in Pilsen and passed her.A hundred times tumbling tale about a group of dormant players that are in the hands of coach Vrba turned to gold, there is no need to retell again. There is no doubt that these players would no Vrba not be where they are today, and that many of them appeared to represent some, but how many of these players emerged after the first Victorian title? You do not have to break memory. None! Since then they pushed through into the starting lineup either screening talents (Pilar, Darida, Butcher, Kovarik) or experienced players of the middle generation (Procházka, Cisovský, Kozáčik). Fairy tale had a recurrence. Speaking to Vrba took Sparta odvržených youths Zeman Hejda, so they will not become new stars.On the contrary, many promising players in the squad lost a busy Pilsen – Hanousek, Štípek, Fillo, Malakjan. For completeness only add that some of the named players are Czechs so in terms of representation is not for us to enforce or failure to enforce them is important. In any case, Pilsen guidance for these steps nehaním. I just want to show that long-term vision of Pilsen as a factory for new representatives is somewhat utopian. Indeed, even in the position of national coach you can discover new stars. Karel Brückner had built a new representation built on a combination of experienced matadors and rising stars. Why would Vrba could inspire?
fourthWillow need in Pilsen that added points in the national coefficient National Home coefficient. Golden Grail Czech fans in recent years. There is no doubt that it was the ride of Pilsen qualification cycles are an important inflow into the ladder, where the Czech Republic for this year currently occupies the 15th position. This is of course true, that Viktoria stood and fell with the person Pavel Vrba? Indeed, the force of the current squad commands respect and of itself a generous budget does not suggest that it would be doing in the near future should anything change.Nor is it a secret that the game Pilsen in the fall was not always so thrilling as the first time a title or a famous quest for maiden participation in the Champions League. Perhaps that is ripe for Plzeň the right time to move to the next stage. Stage with another coach. Due to the appointment of a respected and proven foreign coach Dušana Uhrina Jr. is certain that she was not going to Pilsen coach replacement to save, or attempt to uncertain experiments. Just reaching for the best of our meadows and groves that were up for grabs.And because so successful coach came to a successful team, so I see no reason why it would not be a new impetus on which could Plzen and by extension the entire Czech football club earn.