Jankto did not understand how Buffon could let go of his missile

The first goal in the Italian league and just the legendary goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon in the Juventus stadium. Czech representative under 21 years Jakub Jankto has had the biggest match of his career so far, but he is sorry that his score was not enough for Udine to score. Also, it is still unclear how the Italian one could drop his shot into the goal.

The 30th minute of the Saturday match ran when Jankto scored a wrong lead from Juventus, loosening through the Hernanese and firing hard. The ball flew directly to Buffon, but he was just flowing and he did not defend his goal.

“I’ve seen it ten times and I still know how to play that goalman.It was not in the gallows or something like that, “Jankto told CTK in a telephone interview. ” But it was a pretty powerful shot and just jumped in front of him. But the goalman like Buffon should have it, but of course he does not mind letting it go, “he added with a smile.

The defender of the Juventus score turned two goals Paul Dybala and won 2: 1. “Before the game, we said we had nothing to lose. We went to him freely and we got Juventus into big trouble and they had a problem with us. The goal was a cherry on the cake, but unfortunately I did not even get the point we deserved, “ was sorry for Jankta.

Before the game on the twitter he wrote that it would be the biggest match of the career. “I enjoyed it a lot. I played against the best players in the world.When to luck to get a goal to Buffon and start up against Dybal, Higuain, Mandzuki. These are the names of the world format and it was also visible on the pitch. They are really fantastic. It is an experience that is not forgotten, ” said Slavian.

” It was a great congratulation to me, I had about 500 messages right after the game, from family, girlfriends, Slavia, with whom we played, “he added.

The 20-year-old midfielder is experiencing the best career spell, gaining a permanent place in the Udine squad and making him a backhand of the 21st. with two goals deserved to advance to the European Championship.

“It is a difference to give two goals in the 21st minute of Moldova or one goal to Juventus.Of course, that feeling is completely different. But I also enjoy the goals for the twenty-one, because they helped move towards the Euro, “Jankto said.

” The football we play in the 21st, I’m really fond of, and with my teammates we were sitting well. It is an incredible team and I am delighted “, added to the selection of coach Vítězslav Lavička.

It is not easy to live in Italy for a good part. the representation I enjoy. I can speak English again, to be kidding. Here in Udine are all foreigners and almost every other country.We are friends, we will say hello, but we would go to dinner together and throw jokes, no, “said Jankto, who has teammates with Italians, French, Brazilians, Greeks, Croats, Malijcs, Colombians, Ghanan, Argentinians ”

The match with Juventus was more important for him, he was well signed up for the first time, new coach Luigi Delneri, who took over the team at the beginning of October. “I think I have shown myself in good light. There were some injuries, so perhaps I got a chance and I hope I have used it. I hope the form lasts and I will show it in other matches, “said Jankto.