Just no fuck! How the basketball umbrella was hitting reinforcements overseas

“They’re all here. They are nice guys, most of them are nicer than me, which is good, “laughed 33-year-old Usti trainer Antonin Pištěcký, who composed the Czech-American-Canadian mosaic. “This year I built my own school myself, last year I was partly built. Now it’s all the responsibility for me. ”

And that’s why Pištěcký chose a little bit, and he did not rely only on videos that everyone looks like a NBA player. “You can do one more thing – try to find other information than in videos,” the coach said.

He spoke to former teammates of potential reinforcements, their managers, coaches. “I’ve always been able to find out more and more. I was not just a basketball player, but a human side.We have little time to get together and what we’ll talk about if it comes down, it’s more complicated. With someone cool and understanding, it goes faster, “says Pištěcký.

We were five, they can say foreign acquisitions after the season if they are successful. The Americans are four: the wings of Treadwell and Robinson, already shining in Jindřichův Hradec, pivot with Czech ancestors Svejcar and Singletary. An overseas airplane brought Canadian Wolfram, a 208-cm high candy under the basket.

“A few coaches in the league know what it is like if five foreigners arrive within three days and you have four weeks to have been reconciled.The teams are being built for months, years, “says Pištěcký. “But I do not complain, we are not the only one, the teams dependent on the four foreigners will be more. And in which team you get to sit faster, which can help Czech boys in the dressing room, it will be better. “Two training sessions, then three games in four days. For newcomers in the Ústí trikot he was getting hectic.

“More or less I threw them into the water and let them swim. For so short a time, we were able to remember our names as much as possible. And I think some of them do not name all their teammates, “says the coach’s last year’s debutant.This week, Slunet will review three matches, Dresden Titans overpowered on Wednesday 94:92.

“I’m trying harder to make some shirts in the form of more training, it should be seen,” says Pištěcký, who led interviews with the Foreign Legion: “You do not need 50 training sessions and 50 matches to see what’s needed, where to add and where to lose. Something we asked. They have a week to show me and others that they understand what I want them to do. And that they understand that I think with them that it is going to move us and them. ”

So far, the match passes Wolfram for a sore knee. “We knew it was slowly getting involved.We want to rely heavily on it. ”

But the other new men from behind the ocean. “As leaders are always players, Sotnar and Singletary are on the same level. Actually, all players are on the same level. That somebody else in Europe played that he already had more experience or was able to get a name, and does not mean that he gets a bigger minute here. Robinson is the biggest star, according to Svejcar, according to the coach. “He’s hard-working. He has Czech ancestors, but he can not speak Czech, we call him Svejcar, with Svejkar. ”

When the league checks if the Sluneta is near. Overseas reinforcements are mostly risky if they are not in the price level of the stars. “I firmly hope we will not have to change them. Unfortunately, it can happen.I’m not paid to be with my boyfriends, but to make some results. ”

The Ustich result will be partly Made in America.