Karol Kučera became coach Martina Kližana

BRATISLAVA. New coach Slovak tennis player Martina Kližana became Karol Kučera. Cooperation was launched this week.

“To my the prior coach, Ladislav Simon I am very grateful that over a year ago took and got me into a second hundred rankings. It’s great that I was somewhere shifted, but in recent years it has been on both sides little strange. ”

“We did not feel comfortable and it required some change. I need a boost to the current stagnation, and I think that the agreement with Karol Kucera is a plus affair.I wanted a coach who in the past myself playing at top level, everything it skips and can be prepared for different situations, “said Martin Kližan SITA.

twenty one year old Davis Cup player Slovakia now departing for the event ITF to Kuwait, details of cooperation with the former sixth man of the world rankings Kucera was still born.

“At first I mostly travel alone, gradually we get it straight. As for the start of next season, so I would like the January tour to Australia earlier did not go.I’m not sitting there and I have good memories, but maybe my new coach to tell you if I was crazy. On Saturday I’m going to Futures tournament at this basic level, I have not played since April So I myself wonder how it turns out. “

” My latest results were affected by problems with teeth – number eight, which I ripped the meantime. I played under ibuprofen, I had a lot of pain, I could not eat. In addition, the Brian Battistone v Monse played with a missile, which has a double handle, it was a little different tennis, “said M.Kližan.

Finalist boys at Paris the clay Grand Slam Roland Garros 2006 cooperated with Ladislav Simon since May 2009 following the breakup of the coach with Magdalena Rybarikova. Klizan currently features on the 241. position in the rankings in April was ranked 183rd.On the New York US Open 2010 premiere energetic southpaw appeared in the main competition at the “big” four.

Tridsaťšesťročný seven-year domestic Tennis player Kucera holds six titles from major professional circuit semifinalist 1998 Australian Open, US Open and quarter 1998 and 1999 Australian Open to members of cooperative success for the Hopman Cup in Perth in 1998 (with Karina Cílekovou- Habšudová ), respectively.the Düsseldorf World Team Cup ATP 2000 (Dominik Hrbaty and Jan Kroslak).

With the active involvement farewell after losing Bratislava Slovakia with Croatia in the Davis Cup final 2005. In the civil sphere is dedicated to rock music in tennis from autumn 2008 Davis Cup team coach of Slovakia, meanwhile rehearsal led by Kamila Čapkoviča.