Konečný to Brno. Great, the volleyball player used the summer invasion

“I am glad that the people of Letovice have seen what volleyball I play in France.” While after the 1/3 defeat in Brno, most of the home-made hunters hurried home, a final crowd of supporters who filled up almost the entire sector in the Royal Palace, he stayed. With the support of the French Grand Club, supporters wanted to take a picture, greet or swap a couple of words about how it is going.

“I can not get to the Czech Republic during the season, and when I was able to see me in Brno, they arrived. And I liked to see all of them, “he said. He has been in Ostrava for eight years.

Since 2008, he has settled in Tours. “I hate moving. I sign the deal, “Konečný joked. “I’m happy, he’s the best team in France for the last decade.What much he wants. “

Great victory, French titles, a cup of cups…

Finally, he wanted many more years to go with Tours in his home country. “The closest we played in Innsbruck, then in Poland, which was a short distance from Ostrava,” recalled the high universal. “I was glad to get to the Czech Republic after eight years of playing European Cups. And it was only forty miles from Letovice. It was great, “Konečný said.

In the first half of the duel against the Czech vicemsters he scored ten points. When he went to the service, a roughly forty-man bunch of French hunters said, “Ko-ny!Ko-ny! “It also illustrated that the Czech beggar became in Tours with a blueprint. “We needed to win two sets, which we did,” said Konečný, who after the second set, as well as some of the other Tours, disappeared from the deck.

And so the heavily fighters struggling against the giant played a “honorable” set. “But our boys on the bench have taken the chances quite well. We have to think of the French league, we play the game on Saturday. We have to rest, “Koneci said, whose last season was troubled by various scars and injuries.

“It’s pretty good for those years now,” said the matador, who could feel like a Frenchman. “For God’s sake, it does not,” she says with a smile. “I am the heart of Bohemia. France has its advantages, the Czech Republic has different. I like to go home. “

And when?Will he still appear in the representation? Will he continue to Tours? “I’m not doing it now. It’s important to keep this season well, then everything will see, “Konečný said. And what…”Borci, I’m sorry. I have to, “he said to the journalist.

A lot of questions could be made. But those who were interested in a joint with Konečný were much more in the Brno hall.