König enjoying luxuries in the Sky: Background team? As headquarters IT firms

One meeting with the new Sky team has had to call next week will fly. Even during rest, who now indulge in the spa, a cyclist Leopold König full engagement of its new head. He studied the track Giro d’Italia, in the spirit pondered the prospects and possibilities. He knows that one of the big stage races where it will take the form, going at each other. Is satisfied with the NetApp entered into the top stables. Everything is as it should be.

Wear clothes his new team still can not Leopold König. Under the contract, it may navléct first time in January.He knows that in the meantime must regenerate and then train, but would prefer at the end of the year jumped.

Facilities stables Sky richest cycling machine into the world, tried a few days ago in Manchester, England on the first official meeting and his heart was pounding at it pretty loud. “I went there the last race of the year, but I wanted to jump and go for a ride. Start now to train, “said a private moment in a test booth Sky.

Few hours after you in farewell classics around Lombardy stopped harsh cramps, you should taste lap? < br /> (smiling) “Exactly.I look forward to the new environment for you to get dressed jersey before driving when I’m on the team. It’s a whole new motivation. “

There will be enough for the movement behind the scenes Sky. It made an impression on you?
“I’ve been there for two days after the Tour de France, I knew it there. I system in which they work. Facilities at the velodrome is unreal. Working there over a hundred people in the office, it looks like the headquarters of some major IT companies. Physiotherapists, masseurs, nutrition specialist doctors…an awful lot of people. Competitors have the perfect environment there. “

It sounds like miracles while you wait, and anything at hand.
” And so it is.We are located in the Sports City, which houses a football Manchester United, it’s a sports city with its own hospital. “

Adds athletes confidence only that it was part of such a colossus?
“it feels good, of course. You know that if any problem is there they can take care of you. You have the support of pros in all areas of the sport. “

What did you managed during the first meetings?
” I had flown there directly from Lombardy, it was so emotional. I said goodbye with NetApp, I was still wearing his stuff, and I was in the Sky.On the program were administrative things, testing clothing, meetings with a nutrition specialist with the main physiotherapist, creating such a foundation for next year. I met there with all those mostly we were there new. Details for the next season, we did not discuss nor racing program. “

you expect from Monday till you fly back to Manchester?
” I can not say. It will teambuilding, photo shoots and interviews. Who knows if it will be time. “

Have you but himself in the head discuss what will happen? What say you need to profile the next Giro d’Italia?
“I wonder. I did some track Gira studied and quite like it.I do not exclude that in his first career start up. “

And we, of course, runs the Tour de France, there would probably go as Domestik. One can attend both?
“It is possible to attend, but not to the overall victory. You can ride both races overall ranking, but in one or the other you will be ten, twenty percent worse. “

As a promise that, whether you go to the Giro d’Italia or Vuelta, you are too happy, would you take the role of leader?
“If I have a form such as one or number two I should go.It fulfilled me. “

When will it be clearer?
” The team now wants to leave us in peace, we have a rest, tackling next year. Then they want to have a program as soon as possible. Let’s say in November. “

Regarding the Sky team often talks about high-sophisticated system work. What is?
“I like to work there. The system of thought. Impresses me how to lead a team. They work with top materials, in that they are ahead, and training methods are there for a very high level. It seeks to ensure that the competitor had as little as possible the stress concentrated on training and recovery, and other things for it solves others.They have a second base and a nearby Monaco and Nice, which is also a trainer and masseur, and there is the possibility to stay, if there guys want to practice. “

This is compared to NetApp huge difference?
“the difference is, of course, a financial and from that derive all the other things.”

Sky has nearly thirty riders, counts them into two main groups: stage races and classics. With whom should you compete for a job?
“People like me, there’s more, whether it’s Richie Porte and Mikel Nieve, recently there’s Nicolas Roche…so they are at least three competitors who are my performance pretty close.Will depend on the current form as a force splits during the race. “

What would you be satisfied?
” I wish once again to improve the result of the Grand Tour ( current maximum is the 7th place of the Tour de France) and be a member of the winning team to race the Grand Tour. “

knock it? Being a member of the winning team say the Tour de France, where would you be Domestik, while seven elite attack?
“It’s just that if I go two races, so one can go at each other and in a second helping, and even there, if I’m number two and I’m doing well, I can go on their own result in the top five or ten.Those cases in the history of a lot. “

When will it begin to prepare?
” In mid-November to move to Mallorca and there begin to follow-up. “

will and preparation, as well as a team, completely different?
“No doubt it will affect the fact that i start with a new coach, so training may be built differently. Do you dare to say how much it will be a big change. “

What do you do with things from NetApp? You keep it as a souvenir?
“Quite a large part dealt, I give several jerseys up for auction. It is upon this dusty. “(Smile).