Königův partner Barta: NetApp offer she could not keep

Fans at Königův transfer impatiently waiting for the last few weeks. His partner of NetApp’s Jan Bárta had already more or less clear of July. After the end of the Tour de France he felt that the team on his captain to come. Then the Czech discovery of the past two seasons seventh place said the promotion. “At that time I began to reckon with the fact that Leo will go away,” he said Barta yesterday.

chose correctly when the team chose Sky?
“He had more options. He chose one of the top teams, maybe the best in the world. Get the opportunity for further growth. For him it’s a big plus, and the opportunity to continue to develop.We’ll see how to do with it and how he will do well there. “

What do you think?
” To make it there will not be easy. Personally, the fact I do not think so. We’ll see how he’ll go there, and I told him as I keep my fingers crossed. “

You wanted a friend shift, or you were sorry that goes out of your barn, which he also gave the offer ?
“I’m sure he wanted to go to a better team. I’m happy for him. Even the financial offer from us could not match the offers of the big teams.There is a relatively large difference in budgets, they can offer more money, and most competitors just for the money is. “

You have chosen to remain and vice versa’ve extended contract.
“I had other offers, too, but I decided for the team where I am fully satisfied. Thus I had no reason to go elsewhere. “

Do you have any idea who you Koenig replace?
” It’s hard to say. I think it will completely replace hard. We’ll see. “

Have you said goodbye to the captain?
” not yet. He should go on the weekend Lombardy exactly know his program. (Konig season ends on Sunday, ed.Ed.) Even competitors in the same team have a different program, someone runs more classic one stage race. The team has over twenty competitors run two programs, people are mixed. I know your program and the other just something that will stay in my head. “

holds together Czech countrymen in the peloton? You will continue to meet?
In some races here and there we meet. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It depends how one program is. “

Can you guess if you see next year’s Tour de France?
It remains to be seen how it will look. I just completed a season in front of me in October when I rest, then I’ll deal with the program for the next season.If we meet in the Tour, it remains to be seen. “