Košičan Šinglár after overthrow with Trenčín: Three lords here made a farce

Kosice. AS Trenčín’s fans confirmed their favorite position and won the Slovak Cup Slovnaft Cup 2015/16 in Košice 2: 1 in the quarter.

Their progress between the top four was not a problem, domestic players and spectators had a hard heart, especially Marek Špaček’s main referee.

Trencians on Sunday won the Fortunalig match in Michalovce and after three days they won another victory in the East.

The Cup in Košice attributed great importance, as witnessed by the fact that they stayed in Michalovce for three days.They will return to Trencin as a semi-finalist of the cup.

In the league of the first and second leagues, the VSS Košice players wanted to pull out and were not far from surprise.

Finally Trenčín was looking forward.

“They were better, they kept the ball and they were playing what they were still playing, the hat down in front of them, we were dying, we wanted to show that we had to torture them, košický záložník Peter Šinglár.

When compared to the game, both teams chose a mild tone, but a more pronounced commentary commented on the play itself.

“I’m disappointed that the three guys who are going to be fair and leave football free to do so will make this farce,” said Shinglar, and it was obvious what he was hurting.Full match record

The emotions between basketball players and fans flared up after the controversial trencian penalty kick in 19 minutes and the gallop rose in 55 minutes.

Trenčan Matúš Bero fouls home Tótha with a substitution, according to Košičanov, to get a yellow card.

This would have been the best for the Fortuna League shooter as he had already got one yellow before.

Bero, however, continued his game and 72 minutes after his sixth goal in the basketball he decided to win.

“He probably deserves it because he is the best shooter, and he has allowed him two or three more fouls, he can, so it’s probably okay, I do not know if he should be excluded.Let the lord in blue make a conscience and let him be happy with what he is doing, and that the sands of the Slovak league, “whispered Peter Šinglár after the game.

Luk Jani, Jaroslav Galko and Peter inglr – Trenanov Jakub Holbek and Martin evela Posted by FC VSS Košice on Wednesday, March 16, 2016