Koukalová and Moravce finished in a sprint of sixs, winning the Austrians

Still, they managed to improve the best of the best Czech placement in this discipline, which was the 13th place of the duo Eva Puskarčíková – Michal Krčmář. Moravec went through the goal with a loss of 51 seconds.

“Everything should try. We wanted to finally break with Gaba and Ondra our bad luck in this discipline, which has succeeded, “Ondřej Rybář commented for Czech Television. “But there were too many reloads from the podiums.”

There were eight rebounds of the Czech ranks, two of Moravec’s, and six of Koukal’s, which saved the last of their second stand. >

For the sovereign victory, Austrians arrived for the first time in sprinter pairing.Their pair of sharpeners, Lisa Hauser and Simon Eder, took second place, the American Duke Dunklee – Bailey for this 32-second remarkable race.The third is the Dahlmeier – Rees formation in Germany.

Sprint pairs, still a kind of cup of “Cinderella”, will not be Olympic discipline next season, but from 2019 it should become a regular part of the World Championship. p> Not only the Czech chef, Rybář suggests changes in his rules – to cancel the recharging and as in the annual Schalke show to send biathlonists for every uninvolved target on the penalty lap, which would be shorter than in classical races.

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In a twentieth-second man she went up to eighteenth behind the Italian manager Vittozi.

Then the Czech Republic pulled out the net on 12th.a place with a loss of 17 seconds to lead Kazakhstan.

Moravec scored for 9 seconds after a perfect lap in 25 seconds, just 9 seconds from the front, while the Italian Hofer had to go for three penalties! p>

Before the jump, a nine-relay train went off, Moravec managed to do it with one reload in 30 seconds, and Koukalová set off for the next stretch for the third time, nine seconds behind the head of Austria. On the contrary, German ambitions appealed to Rees when he dropped to 10th after two recharges. During the fifth round of the race, Koukal was lying down once again, which meant a drop in 5th place, 20 seconds behind, safely leading the Austrian Hauser .Behind her back, she had her all-season big Dahlmeier sokyan, who went on the track in front of her. Hauser lost her firing confidence on the stand, twice mistaken, and had to reload, but she did the first. Koukalová was saved even after the third reload and in the final section sent Moravce to the 7th place with a mankind for 32 seconds. Her colleague missed the last blow, after one charge continued the ninth with 51 seconds, and it was the end medal dreams.

Simon Eder crowned the Austrian triumph in 18 seconds with the final infallible and stunning fast standing. The second one was off the German Rees shooting range, but Bailey was overpowered by the American Bailey.

The last clean foot of Moravec in 23 seconds pushed him to 6.a place that was then included in the goal.