Kreuziger fights for clearing the name. Published data from the biological passport!

The cyclist Roman Kreuziger posted on the Internet details of his biological passport. Czech rider, who is trying to clear his name of suspicion of doping, shows that values ​​in his biological passport does not exceed the specified limits. The International Cycling Union (UCI) argues that between 2011 and 2012 during his tenure in the barn Astana Kreuzigerovy data showed a very serious anomaly.

Cycling Union had stopped work on August 2. I had Kreuziger to the case, which came to light in June this year, came the start of the Tour de France.Arbitration Commission of the Czech Olympic Committee it, although in September on suspicion of violation of anti-doping rules waived, UCI But against this verdict appealed to the Sporting Court of Arbitration in Lausanne.

“I have never had a positive doping findings. Yet year and half live in uncertainty whether I will be able to continue to devote his life’s passion and perform their jobs, “ says twenty-eight Czech cyclist on the website it published its biological passport and other documents relating to the case – correspondence with the UCI, expertise, his medical report to reduced thyroid function, which also dispute pointed out, and finding the COC Arbitration Panel.

< b> “I condemn doping and cheaters in sport. the biological passport I consider it a great tool. it must however be clear rules of its use, otherwise it is useless and can destroy anybody. the rules can not be changed during the game. and it now going on. what is the limit values ​​if they serve to determine the guilt mere conjecture? ” wrote Kreuziger, who is investigating the UCI since June last year.

“Management is unbearably stretched.To express UCI’ve waited many months for no reason. This year I could not compete in the Tour de France and even in these races. My career will soon be over. Extending the case may my career destroyed, “ said cyclist.

UCI for it calls for a sports arbitration disqualifications from two to four years, lifting its results in March 2011, including the historic fifth places from Giro d’Italia and Tour de France and a fine of 770,000 euros (over 21 million) plus reimbursement of management costs related to the intricate cause.

“I ask forgiveness or compassion.I have always honored principles of fair play and a double Olympic Games participant honor and principles of the Olympic Charter. Today I found myself in an absurd theater myself, tomorrow it could happen to any other athletes. I want a fair trial, I want clear rules, I want fair play, “ said Kreuziger, who is preparing for next season. Today started with a team Tinkoff-Saxo training camp in the Canary Islands.