Kulhavý got to the World Cup for silver, he was not back on Schurter again

Kulhavý, twenty-three, also defended his position from last year’s home championship. From the individual races of this discipline, in which he became the Olympic winner in 2012 and last year’s second in Rio, he has the third silver in the collection. Six years ago he won the world title. He decided on the last round when Schurter fired a long-running three-member group and made his record for the sixth World Championship title. Kulhavý counseled in the fight for silver with another Swiss Thomas Litscher.

Kulhavý went straight into the lead in the lead and dictated the pace. “Fortunately, what I wanted to do was done. I knew I had to be in the top five after the start, otherwise it would be difficult. It is easy to untie and difficult to commute.I’m glad he did it, “he said for the mtbs.cz server.

The main favorite Schurter checked the situation from the third place and soon breathed the Czech biker on his back. After the first of seven rounds, the Brazilian Henrique Avancini and Frenchman Maxime Marotte were back in the leading group, who built a twenty-second lead.

The round, however, had Kulhavý and Schurter alone 18 seconds to the good, Litscher stepped over to them, and again Avancini again before he fell back. The trio headed away from the rivals, and it was clear that some of them could only prepare technical problems for the medal. But for them, Schurter won seven seconds in front of Kulhav, Litscher had lost 15 seconds.

“I had to think of it during the race to have two Swiss people around me.Sometimes they wanted to ruin me there. But I believed on Litscher, I could not let him go to the congress. It was a fight between me and Nin. I was only partially satisfied, I wanted to defeat him, “Kulhavy said.

” It was really hard. Jarda was very strong today and set off a fantastic race, “said Schurter, a longtime rival, Olympic champion. “Luckily, he did not have the explosive end in the end. I was able to go and win, “he commented on the decisive phase of the race.

For Schurter, the younger title means he was seated in the order of the champions from the French star Julien Absalon, who finished seventh.Schurter has six gold medals and two silver medals, Absalon won five times, was twice as well, and one third.

“The sixth title is unreal, I can not believe it myself. I’m enjoying it. This year, everything went unbelievable, “said Schurter, who for the fifth time in his career won the World Cup, winning all six races of the series.

Another two Czech representatives did not succeed. Jan Škarnitzl finished in the 31st, Jan Nesvadb is 40th. “It’s quite a lot of expectation. But I suspected it. I do not have this. The downhill was good, but I was troubled in the exits.I fell and I caught holes, I did not, “said Škarnitzl.