Ladder Eberle has a form. Did the Olomouc Hockey Commando already have the third face?

“I do not know if I gave it to myself. Maybe it was running, and Ebi scored two goals, “the knockout official Knotek scored after the home win of Olomouc 3: 0 over Jihlava. Anyway, the first formation of the cocks is playing solidly after another change on the right wing. The Knotek Center, with 11 Canadian points (5 + 6), the most productive team player, with levas Mark Lass (4 + 3), is a well-known couple of years, but since the beginning of the season, coaches have been in vain looking for a third musketeer.

It was expected that after returning from Slovakia, Dávid Buc will be successful, but he did not get into the form and dropped out of the set. Canadian Sundher has revived the elite line, but only for a time. “The results just were not, so it moved with the set. We had to do something, “Knotek understood the coaches.

And the bankruptcy went on.During the match with Vítkovice, coach Vener was again passing through the clubs. Since then, he has promoted a full-fledged striker Eberle, just like the Sundher grateful skater.

“We are the second game together. It’s a bit of a habit, but we’ll meet on ice. Honza and Mara are great physically fit players. They are playing duels, getting a lot of pucks and creating chances, “Eberle described after the triumph over Jihlava, which he contributed to. “I’m happy for every point. I’ve gotten more time on ice, “he says from his perspective, the main difference.

Knotek appreciated it:” It’s fast, alive, so super.

How long will Olomouc’s main strength last in this composition together?

Before Knotek and coach assistant Zdeněk Moták answer, they are looking for a piece of wood. “I have to knock, play well, so maybe they could stay together for a long time,” hopes Mottak. “I knock it too. I would like it to be fixed. Especially we have to get points, “emphasizes Knotek.

Despite the penultimate Jihlava, it has succeeded; only the second time at home Olomouc won and jumped to tenth place. She enjoyed her fans for a long month.

“It was such a strain, we wanted to make the audience more comfortable to walk more and not move them,” Knotek said. “We went for victory, we did not panic.We did not tolerate them, they did not let them go, we played active hockey. It helped the first goal, then we jumped to 2: 0 and it was better. “More than half of the match lasted until the rookies broke the resistance of the tough newbie. Lopot fight, no beauty. “It could have been expected. We play in a similar style, the match in the game has already been told, “Knotek remarked. “When we advanced to the extralig, we also played so you can not give your opponents a free bobble, as they say. Urgent hockey. We had a good time with this, Jihlava did not have much to do with it. We shot a lot of bullets, so we should play all the time. ”

And on Tuesday (17.20, CT sports) without the wound of Houdka against Chomutov. “It will be similar. An unpleasant opponent, quickly pouring the game.We have gained important points for self-confidence. I hope that we will do the same thing and we will succeed, “Knotek believes that he will contribute with his wings again.