Letter to Father Christmas (from a fan Ligue 1)

Dear Santa Claus, we know you’re busy spreading gifts spoiled children that those pockets are bursting under the strain of iPhones and similar conveniences and that your time is too precious for you to get to everything yet dealt with football. Think of why this letter as wishful thinking fan who yearn for the new year in the best league of the world offered the same spectacle as the last.
Please, Jesus, do not forget to bring Home:
.. Yassine Benzie magic mirror that the question “Who is the best?” will match “Yassine Benzie”.It will definitely be a favorite prop on Lyon’s junior parties.
..hlásnou oven for Hervé Renard that still did not yell as forests. Emmanuel Mayuka is on his hectoring á la Trent Reznor used cocaine from the Zambian national team, the other did not.
..kouzelný hook to fish for Rolland Courbis .When he loves fishing so much that they feel the need to mention it at the first press conference, let him take the least.
..Bibli holy for Floriana Thauvin , to let him enter and Christian Spirit teach him a decent morals.
..učebnici French for Dennis Oliecha , which, while France plays have X years, but still responds to questions in English. I recommend a great book “Le francais pour les enfants”.
.. Yoann Gourcuff the magic potion to cure Harry Potter after he fell from the bones and cracked the bones. At least one barrel. Or rather, two.
.. Sergiu Romerovi portable DVD player and a collection of films, whether on the bench bored.A beautiful example is the film “How Poets Are Losing Their Illusions”.
..běžecký simulator for Steeve Elan . If he wants to represent real competition for phantom Enyeama can not have a background as Beyoncé.
..kostýmy Batman and Superman for Jérémie Janota . Spider already has.
..slovníček street rolling swag has for Philippe Montaniera to better communicate with their teenage team. In autumn, there was obviously a problem.
..vlastní episode of The Simpsons for Zlatana Ibrahimovice because his ego is bigger than the Sudanese famine in times of drought,
and Poster Thierry Henry for Salomona Kaloua .Kalou Henry loves and wants to be close to him, so when he’s not soccer, whether it therefore can hang in the bedroom and get closer to him, at least physically.
Jesus, please arrange to:
..hráči Evian donated festive jersey Vladimir Putin and forced him to take a picture with him. Evian jersey looks very gay, be fun.
..pánové Al-Khelaifi and Rybolovlev received daily massage in the form of transfer of archival matches from the bottom half of Ligue 1 .