Liberec – Slovácko 1: 1, the win was taken home just before the end of the Rabbit

The home was given Matěj Hybš twenty minutes before the end, but the alternating Lukáš Vácha lost the ball at the end, which was punished by Tomáš Zajíc.

The Slovácko scored the first goal since mid August, when five goals were shot at Ostrava. Since then he has not scored in four matches and in Liberec just before the end. Right in the middle of this year’s leagues, the judges have given at least one red card.

On the Monday match of the Prihoda court, he eliminated after six minutes the dangerous treatment of guest Machalik. He did not even play the Karafiat, who received two yellow cards.

Paradoxically, Liberec has slowed down in the first half.The visitors were pulling their heads and the home was hard pressed against the defensive. Chances came before the break. Pulkrabov’s header was caught in the 36th minute by goalkeeper Heča, Potočný fired only into the side net and Breite ran Coufalův center outside.

“The start was from our side active and we played the way we wanted. But there was a red card which, of course, shifted the game somewhere, and our performance was terribly down from the 7th minute. We were nervous and it was terribly poor, “replied Trpišovský.

“The match was, of course, influenced by the early exclusion of our player.We, thanks to the quality of Liberec, concentrated on a deep defensive block and we also wanted to be fast-paced, but we did not get it, “said Michal Kordula, coach of Slovácko.

Slovan tried to overcome the defense of the guests from the sides, but did not pass through another Coufal’s center. In the 58th minute, Heču Pulkrab scored the ball, but the ball did not reach the scorer.

The homeless defeat was underscored by the already mentioned Karafiáta, who fouled Navrátila unnecessarily. As a year ago, both teams of the mutual duel in Liberec played in weakness.
Slovan was still active, but helped to lead him in the defense of the Slovak.After the Bosančičov center, Pulkrab went into a fight with Hečou, goalie tried to catch the ball more than once, but teammate Juroška kicked him out of hand and alternating Hybš scored a goal empty. The 90th match in the Czech league was only a second time.

After the break the insurer refused the second goal Potočný and Slovácko it soon punished with a settlement from his first bigger chance. Vácha lost the ball in the middle of the field, and the brew ended at the Danube’s ground floor with a small lime ramp that hatched the Rabbit. The best gunsmith put the third goal in the league season and ended the shooting game of Slovácko, which lasted 446 minutes.

“The guys showed a heart on the pitch and the football lady appreciated it with one point. Of course, everyone was asking when we’d finally get that goal.Sometimes you just give goals, sometimes not. We have young boys in the front and they have to push into those chances, “said Kordula.

” When we managed to get into the lead, we incomprehensibly lost him from one shot at the goal. We ran and had a few breads. But the opponent did not give up and fought until the last minute, “said Trpišovský. Liberec at home in the league with Slovácko was tied for the fourth consecutive time and did not use the chance to score point Slavia in the third table. From the fifth place he loses two points. Slovácko is eleventh.

“We lost two points in the home environment and in a match that we had a good start. But we did not deserve to win for the way we played.It is a cruel evening for us, but mainly a disappointment in performance, “coach Jindřich Trpišovský told a press conference liberec .