Maka has not limit back. I’m fine and ready, says

SENEC. Slovak football player Róbert Mak Zilina in Sunday’s meeting with Macedonia (20:45) in the qualifying process for the 2016 European Championship in France tries to forget the abortive end of last year at club level.

His employer PAOK Thessaloniki as an additional part of the Greek top competition for progression to the Champions League and the Europa League in six rounds racked up just four points and four-minitabuľke took last place of group stage EL 2015/2016 thus will have fight for the second qualifying round. It focuses on the representation

“In the league we have done very well, the third paragraph under the second team.Then he followed it unfortunate, Greece known, an additional part. There we fully Pohořelý, come to us physical and mental strength. We did not make it at all, we have to forget as quickly as possible. Target was higher, but at least we are in the preliminary round of the Europa League. It’s still fresh, teammates went to leave, I will focus on the representation. Yet we have it in their heads need to throw away and go into next season with new challenges.I hope he will not repeat it again, “commented the 24-year-old wanderer.

The native of Bratislava was a member of the nomination of SR coach Ján Kozák, who later ended the club duties. Wednesday, Sunday we played heavy matches. Some competitions have finished before ours. I do not bother, the boys had a training camp, so they did not have too much time off. It’s my job and I have to go into the robot. I enjoy playing football with joy. I certainly did not think I did not want to come to the show.In Greece, intense heat, it was a little challenging, but that is football life. “Mandatory three points

In the first mutual confrontation in the aforementioned elimination prevailed Slovakia Macedonia goals Juraja Kucku and Adama Nemca 2 0.

“Every duel is different, Skopje can not be repeated. It should be on their best ready and see what will encounter itself. While we based one hundred percent, we believe that this percentage we maintain and bottom Macedonia in Žilina, where we are strong. Will be sold out, it will be a great football experience.The ideal would be to seal it another victory and three points to the table, “said the” sharp “Suddenly in Senec 17-fold Slovak representative Mak.

The Balkans under Dubňom the first time, said the new coach, 46-year-old Srb Ljubinko Drulovič. “In Macedonia it was different, in Slovakia it will be different. They have a new pilot, they will want to show in front of him. Own efforts, we have built our position, but if we want to go to the European Championship, we have to handle these opponents, in addition to home.This is a mandatory three points, “said Róbert Mak.

He is looking forward to vacation:” In the club I ended up only on Sunday, I had just two days to rest, but it’s good for something. I ascended the football train. Holiday we will enjoy after national precipitates will be enough time. I look forward to it, but now I still have one obligation that we must fulfill. During the season I was already at sea, so I intend to go elsewhere, such as in Greece. “

The good thing is that the former Manchester City player in English or German 1. FC Nürnberg have encountered limiting step back.” I’m fine and ready, “said Róbert Mak.