Martin caught up yellow curse. Collarbone they composed as a puzzle

Carry the yellow jersey in the Tour de France this year carries a decent luck. In the third stage, he injured Fabio Cancellara broke two vertebrae and had to withdraw in the 6th stage of the same luck found the current race leader Toni Martin. His fall ended a broken collarbone and quite expected verdict Etixx team Quick Step-Martin on Tour ends.

A dramatic fall has already occurred in the last kilometer stage to Le Havre, which brought so much glory winning Zdeňku Štybarovi.Equally interesting as the intersection of the goal line but was also happening a few hundred meters before the finish.

There came another mass crash, which is this year’s race rich, and if Cancellarovo resignation was great sporting tragedy because it was apparently Swiss man of the last Tour de France, then this conflict really shook the 102nd edition of the biggest cycling event in the world.And it could be worse.

Just imagine, who was at the epicenter.

Vincenzo Nibali.

Chris Froome.

Nairo Quintana .

Tony Martin.

the very capacity of the first three ranks among the largest applicants for the overall victory.

Even if only one of them could proceed, would change it fully charges the Tour de France. And by the look too flash reaction in the peloton. Nibali is mostly upset, it seemed like you just go talk it out with Froomem fall.He thought it was a leader stables Sky, who carom caused.

“I want it to Vincenzo clarify, I certainly was not me!” Tweeted Froom immediately from the finish to give the show its truth.

“I had intended it to Chris talk it out, but I have to apologize to him, he was not,” responded well to Twitter later on Nibali.

fracture they composed as a puzzle < / h2>

According to the video go indicia to Martin.And while other big men interim order was awarded to a lighter scars over Martin immediately after the stage started to raise the threat ends, which eventually became a reality.

Three teammates he literally dragged across the finish line, Martin thence went to the winner Stybar and congratulated him, but he and the team Etixx-Quick Step experienced mixed feelings. Stage victory and a loss leader, they were completely contradictory emotions.

A Martin enjoyed his. The finish he literally pushed four stables colleagues from the injured arm turned out to be a nasty open fracture. “What is multiple open fracture of the clavicle. Sory, guys. Thanks everyone.Congratulations Zdeňku Štybarovi, “said goodbye to Martin with the Tour on his Twitter, where do you put a picture of his injuries.

BACKGROUND leader of the Tour now departed from Le Havre to the casualty hospital in Hamburg.” The clavicle is fractured during surgery it will be a puzzle, “said team doctor Helge Riepenhof.

” sent it outside I’m a bike rider Europcar, but actually can not really remember. As usual when a crash happens at low speed, tend to hurt the worst, “he hissed .

“I’ve had tremendous luck. but this Tour, good luck and bad luck are the thin line next to each other. I will go for X-rays and see what will be our next decision,” he hoped to be able to continue.Judgment in the form of a broken collarbone, but he was ruthless.