Me and two goals? It’s like a national holiday, culminated with the Jablonec Kubista

“I and two goals? This is almost a national holiday for me, “said 24-year-old Vojtech Kubista with a smile. “I told the referee right away to write it down and remember it because it will not happen again. I’m not on the field since I was shooting. ”

The goalkeepers are mainly Tecl in Jablonec, who also scored twice, but Kubista has done it well. First he scored 1-0 when he ran to the center from the left and the close of the goal did not give the goalkeepers a chance, five minutes after changing sides scored the second time after a nice technical stroke just to the pole. “I had enough time and space on that shot and I wanted to hit it like that.It was targeted, “said Kubista, who also thought he was hatred. “If it went up there, there could have been some spaces, and a couple of times I was really thinking about it, but I certainly did not get it.” The Tuesday Cup duel brought wild turns in the score. Jablonec led, but two home interventions made half the score to 2: 1. After changing the sides, however, Jablonec started to attack the turf as a typhoon and with three interventions they flipped the lead to their side in the ratio of 2: 4.

“We got a goal in the dressing room, which is always uncomfortable, but we break something they said we were going to attack higher, we would be more active and brought us three goals.I am glad that our team showed strength and character in this case, “Vojtěch Kubista described.

“We already believed that we would keep the win, even though we knew that when Olomouc kicks long balls on Chorus, it always smells like a goal. We just got one from him, but we’re sorry to say that it ended up like this, and we like him very much, because the way to the cup of Europe is through our cup relatively simpler than over the league and we wanted to it is also in the spring part, “said Kubista.

At the end, Olomouc was pushing for a settlement that would mean an extension. She only played three beeches, and they were cheering you forward.