Modric is back on stage. After 114 days, he did not turn away Real

And supporters applauded him not only when he changed Khedira. It was 3: 3 and Modrič immediately began to show his usual game with accurate and fast passes and a sense of combination.

“His presence has brought more order and ball control to our ranks,” Real Real coach Carlo Ancelotti said. “He played well, as we are accustomed to in his case – with certainty and self-confidence.”

The only thing missing from Modric was a shot at the gate. “We can not want too much for him, since he has been out of play for over three months.But in other games, we will definitely help, “added Ancelotti.

Croat, who did not defeat a single pass from sixteen, after a 3: 4 loss, admitted he had similar feelings as he played for Stantiago Bernabeu for the first time. “Do not be surprised, I was out of 114 days,” he said accurately. “It was a difficult period to which I can forget, Lord, God. I am happy that we have advanced and that it is my end, “he added.

Mijatovič: However, he did not want to address its causes.

“I can only support my teammates. It is not a game of individuals, we must get out of the crisis as a team.It is crucial that we return to the game we played in the first part of the season. I believe that on Sunday against Levante, the audience will see Real in his most recent edition. “

The Marco diary, besides naming the game Real as a shame, crowned the Chorvats. “He controlled the ball very well when needed. After a long pause he is back and everyone hopes to re-direct the game of Real. “

Chernobrek Predrag Mijatovic, the former star of former Yugoslavia and Real, also spoke about Modric.

“At the time of his absence, it turned out to be important for Real. When he plays again from the beginning, it will be a great benefit, as the teammates’ performance will rise alongside him.There are few such helpful midfields on world courses, “said Mijatovic, who was also Real’s sports director in the past, for Marco.