Next Getting a basketball representation: Dad is trying to give me advice

Liabilities to the predecessors this “Get”, a 16-year-old two-meter wing from Prague’s USK, is not feeling yet. And he profits from the fact that he can always come up for advice.

“We called our father. He tried to give me advice at a distance when something did not work, “the basketball climber continued to be close to the advice of the first Czech at the NBA and his father, Jiří Zídek mladšího.

He and other fans of the Czech national team at the turn of July and August watched the excellent start of the youngsters in the European championship of 18-year-old B division in Skopje.But even after the series of defeats and the final eighth place, far behind the dream process.

The Czechs consulted with the first four rivals and only after the final match of the basic group on the most favorable position for play-off succumbed to Estonia. And here the first complications began.

“We have entered the tournament very well. We have achieved the goal by following the group. But in the quarterfinals we have entered a difficult rival, “Jan Zídek recalls at moments when Czechs could still dream about one of the first three places and one step higher. But Ukraine was in the quarterfinals for a Czech basketball player a fateful opponent . “We did not start, it cost us the whole game. We were very nervous. We left them free missiles, and they ran around us one by one.Ukraine has benefited from the lightweight basket, “says Zídek, the key moment in the championship.

There is nothing left for the Czechs to help the subsequent fighter ride after the sides change when they eliminated the seventeen-point half-time manko. They lost only three points.

Lost hopes for progress and unfortunate first half quarterfinal, then Zidka broke the team, and by the end of the championship won no prize: “After the loss with Ukraine we were no longer able to rise and fight for the fifth place. The opponents were more hungry after him.We did not make a great result, but we did not disappoint. “

He did not disappoint himself, although he might have waited a little more, especially in the offensive:” I put everything in it but I think the tournament did not completely shoot. “

However, after having suffered heavy health problems when he was struggling for two years with his knee, the participation in the European Championship and the average of six points in the match is a promise for the future. More likely, the health problems may have faded away: “I feel good about my health. I have had a lot of time to recover. “

The youngest member of the 18-year-old selection and the only player in the 1999 championship to win the Czech championships has gained valuable experience.They should help him to be one of the leaders of a team of peers who will be a year old.

“These are very good experiences that I can learn next year and do not repeat the mistakes. I have to improve physically. Basketball we were very good at, one of the best teams. Unfortunately, we sometimes lacked aggression and hunger for victory. We should not be so afraid to get in touch, “the young man knows exactly where he is not only pushing his shoe compared to other countries.

As a Benjamín in a sports team, of course he did not escape the duties associated with it. p> “I did not feel much about it except I had to wear aids and drinks at the European Championships.I took the summer as a motivation and experience that I can pass on in my category in a year, “but he took everything with a look.

Someone else will be drinking one year later. After this year, experienced Jan Zídek will have a different role…