NHL wants to increase revenues ads on jerseys

BRATISLAVA. When in 1972 she played the famous series of matches between the Soviet Union and Canada, the company Gillette used its huge audience.

The promotion shaving razor with twin blades did not hesitate to pay 10,000 dollars for a five-meter advertising on the boards in the middle of the field. Eighth duel series was watched by approximately ten million viewers.

Although this ad at that time included the company among the most famous in the world. It capped a big debate about advertising and the NHL itself. The first team that placed constraints on their advertising was by server thestar.com Minnesota North Stars.

It was a three promotional logos that they have brought nine thousand US dollars per season.In the early nineties he has had every arena in the NHL rinks identified different ad links. Comes now dresy.Najprv to be goalkeepers

The first reports appeared already in 2008, when the company wanted to place advertising logos and slogans on jerseys goalkeepers. Prominent hockey marketers Brad Robins and Edmonton player’s agent Ritch Winter estimated up to 30-million gain from such ads.

“Advertisers would be able to take goalkeepers. During their matches on the ice to see 65 percent of the total time.Especially when multiple shots at a great save or when goals would be for them interesting company, “said Robins, who have posed the idea and leadership of the NHL.

” jerseys in recent years have changed significantly.We are not that far, “said formerstar Anaheim hockey player and Mathieu Schneider NHL (NHL) marketing officer for thestar.com on goalie ads.

” I think It’s a great way to increase hockey profits, “Edwardton’s Dwayne Rolson, Edmonton’s goalkeeper, opposed Schneider. “This is the case in Europe and it does not spoil the overall look of the jerseys.”

“This is the future,” said Rich Winter. “NHL is still not as profitable as other leagues. We have a very small amount of space, but there is still a chance to profit from our sport. It’s just another way of paying bills, “added Winter in 2008.But meanwhile not develop the idea.