Night triumph of blond Kvitova. He is proud of the coach and the trainers nervous as a beige

When she sneered after a hand-cut operation she missed her on big courts and big matches. After the excitement they bring. After the coup d’état that follows the victory.

What an irritating challenge she could have in the Flushing Meadows round-final after a clash with Garbine Muguruza, a fresh Wimbledon champion.

More moody arena in tennis the empire is not. And how impressive is she immersed in the darkness and she shines in Queens as a colossal lantern…Prime time!Tennis in the mainstream time, in the most varied and (at least for Americans) the prettiest packing.

Twenty-eight-year-old Miss Fulnek in her Sunday performance has achieved her toughest success this year. The 13th Muguruza 7th, 6: 3 trotted out.

“It’s hard to describe the pilgrimage that led me to here,” she said in a passion of passion in a conversation on the yard. “After surgery, I did not know what to do with me. That’s why I appreciate every moment, every success. I have come here completely without expectation. ”

The audience stunned. Again. Most know her story. Kvitova threatened the end of her career after assaulting Prosthejov’s apartment.After eight months, she went to Ashe Stadium in the evening.

She felt the excitement she missed again. That is why it was so fast in the beginning of the game. She was pushing for a 21-24 match in the previous 21 matches, and she was the world’s No. 1 player.

In a 1: 4 turnout, she turned away three brejkboli and her coaches, Jiří Vaněk and David Vydra, exhaled in the box. “Petra needed to win some heavy game. She gave her confidence. But we were as nervous as a beige, “Vanek said later. The audience gradually warmed up, the atmosphere became more sparkling, and its banging peaked in a tie-break that had to be judged by the defeated Sokyan after a nervous course.

Both Kvit and Muguruza lost their bid twice. Czech 6: 5 unsuccessfully served on the set.

He still does not have enough strength in his hand, he still feels two fingers. In the second hand, the rocket in her hand sometimes shakes her and it is a double fault. She did nine on Sunday.

But this is one of the great battles she loves. For whom she was born, she claims. The tie-break courageous tactics turn from 0: 2 to 7: 3. Aplaus!

In the second set, it immediately leaves service, but soon on the huge boards shines 7: 6, 4: 1.

born in Venezuelan Caracas, like Maria Sharapova, claims she does not look for friends at work.After the court, they are usually upright and proud, with their chin tricked.

But now she is carrying. Losses 2: 5. When alternating sides, whispers. She’s balding her eyes. She slapped the bottles of water off the water. Still, she does not give up.

She dropped to 3: 5, deleting the first Kvitova sword. Then she creates herself two opportunities for a break. But he can hear the wild and incomprehensible roar of the adversary “Póóójď!”.

Ashe’s stadium certainly hosted even more dramatic and attractive works.Andre Agassi or Roger Federer could have pulled the crowd out of more.

Still, he broke the conclusion of a pair of high Europeans, who diversified the hawk eye’s impact assessment.

Finally, Muguruza blows the balloon behind the baseline.

Blessed Kvitova sent kisses to the auditorium, then signed the sneakers. She laughed and waved.

Lost Muguruza disappeared behind the scenes. She sat on the floor in front of one of the offices and absorbed sorrow. He will not reach the US Open title.Her hopes in the races of world rankings with Carolina Plíšková and Ukraine by Elina Svitolin have diminished.

Still, the printmaker is talking calmly and respectfully about Kvitova. “Although I was leading 4: 1 at the start, I think she played great. I felt better. ”

” At key moments, he can pull out the best service. It’s tricky when you are betting an aces or balls that can hardly be returned. ”

” It belongs to the biggest rangers on the circuit. It gives tremendous strength to the beats, but their timing is also excellent. She’s smart and she’s uncomfortable with the rivals. ”

” I do not know exactly how she feels. I know she was overwhelmed, but I do not know the details of her case.Anyway, I think it’s incredible to be able to play at such a high level. I almost seem to have changed nothing about her tennis player. “She excused herself and went to the car that took her to Manhattan. Kvitova stayed in the area where she usually did not stay too much, at least one hour longer. But she did not mind it on Sunday. These moments had lost so much in winter and spring.