No more shopping to Pilsen. The league leader is happy with the cadre

Pilsen is an autumn champion and thanks to the giant 14 points ahead of the second, Slavií can prepare for the spring more calmly than ever before.

“It does not matter if we have two, four, seven or fourteen points . Nothing changes for us, “said Captain Roman Hubnik.

The Czech champion has almost certainty of participating in the core group of the Champions League. “For us the player is the most. For the club, it is tremendously prestigious. Motivation is huge, “said Daniel Kolar, midfielder. “What I remember, spring is always very difficult.”

It is almost impossible for Plzeň to lose a comfortable lead. But she was even stronger in the attack.From Olomouc she bought Tomáš Chorý, one of the most wanted Czech league players. “Getting it was easier because he had a clause in the contract. I’m glad he decided for Pilsen, “coach Vrba said.

After a twenty-two-year-old shooter, she paid approximately 20 million crowns. The sick will probably be the only winter booster.

Why does Pilsen with shopping end up for now? “We have no reason to lead other players here. If we think that they are better in the Czech league, we are interested.But now we are convinced there are players here, “Vrba explained.

Currently, he has twenty-one footballers including four goalkeepers. “In the spring I want to have twenty players in the field and three goalmen,” said the coach.

As Jan Baranek has a long-term injured shooter with a knee problem, there will be no more than two players in the field.

“Now I can not get the names out of my mind. It will be mainly about posters. If we have three footballers in one place, it’s better for them to go elsewhere and get on regularly.This was the case of Cuba Řezníček, “Vrba mentioned the attacking hostage in Olomouc. “Then he can come back and still help us a lot.”

The ill-fated Radim Řezník and Lukáš Hejd from the first training session at the Luční Street are missing, who in the previous day’s physical tests snatched the muscle. “Three weeks will be in the care of physicians and physiotherapists,” said Vrba.

It means he would start training with the team at the end of the initial concentration camp in Spain, where Pilsen travels in mid-January. In the Marbella area, he will play three matches with interesting rivals: the eight-finals of the Basle Champions League, the Austrian leader from Salzburg and Shanghai, where the famous Argentine striker Carlos Tevéz worked.January, Benidorm returns a week before the start of the season. Pilsen will start the spring of all Czech clubs first, on Thursday, February 15, it will take part in the opening duel of the elimination phase of the European League on the Partizan Belgrade course.