Olomouc is going to Pardubice hockey players with a squat

They enjoyed a thank-you with fans and yelled in the cabin. But the celebration of the Sunday scalp of the Hradec rivals for Dynamo was over. On Monday morning, some of them arrived at volunteer training. The rest is physically compared to the explosive victorious battle.

“From the psychological point of view, every win is very encouraging. Half of the manufactory is derided from the derby, so we chose a voluntary regime yesterday. Slightly can, as they say, snorts and go for it, “said the coach of Dynamo Milos Holaň.

Pardubice fans particularly interested in the status of David Tomasek and Petra Caslav who have ice left in the well-nehokejových positions.

“Petr Čáslava suffered a big market blow, and it swelled. At night, his blood started and we do not know whether he will be able to play in Olomouc.Fortunately, with David Tomáška, all the examinations of the head went well. However, it seems that we will miss at least two weeks. His head, cervical spine is hurting. “Tomasz, who is the most productive Dynamo player, will receive a chance at the Russian center Vladislav Bojko. Under Caslav, no substitute will be called for by the coaches.

Olomouc still belongs among the surprise of the season when he holds the average player in the first six. Her hockey may not be too appealing to the eyes of viewers, but it is effective. Hannati avoid the wrong series and score regularly. In November, Zdeněk Venera, the coach of the coach, did not leave empty either.”We know that Olomouc is an unpleasant team with a good goalkeeper and a defensive player. I believe that our players grow together with the goal of the goalman to be confident of how we score, “said Holaň.

Points increase in the players also in individual statistics. In great comfort plays the first attack. As with the recent victory over Liberec and Hradec, all three members of the elite offensive formation were shot by the fire. Center Rostislav Marosz scored four times in a row. The captain Tomas Rolinek contributed to the sculpture of Mountfield.

“The previous derby from us was not as lively as expected. Now we’ve been warmed up since the first minute, everyone knew what was going on.We all have to praise the way we played, “he commented Rolink team.

His 25th minute intervention did not seem to Hradec, though it was not clear what the guests were challenging. He did not even know Rolin.

“I did not know why the record was going. Then Petr Sýkora told me they were going to examine his high stick. I did not see anybody because I stood behind him and gave him a break in front of the gate. Then I was just pushing the puck, “he described Rolin’s second goal situation.