Olomoucký Škurek heads up. And he gives. Finally a little bit lucky, enjoying it

He scored three goals in the last two games and helped Olomouc to win over Chomutov 5: 2 and Pilsen 5: 0. “At last, I’m a little fortunate to be falling there,” he breathed happily. “At twenty-four, the chance to become an important player for his team this year. As if the cocks found the missing part in their power play. In previous seasons, the game of numerical advantage was one of the most burning weaknesses of the Hanáků. In the 2015/16 season, the success rate was only 11.6 percent, the lowest in the competition. “We are always working on training,” he repeatedly echoed repeated questions to improve Zdeněk Venera’s coach.

Last year, the success rate rose to seventeen, which was the seventh place in the league.And after 16 years of this year, Olomouc is in the third power, when the goal is 5th (19.7%). He has his share in this one, and Škurek scored three of his four goals with a numerical advantage. None of the defenders of the Extraliga currently have a better balance.

They just needed such a rookie player for Captain Vyrubalík, who was the only one in the team last year who was a permanent danger to the rival on the blue line. That made it easier for him to defend himself. Now he seems to have another sniper. “David has a shot and when he’s hit, it’s hard to catch the goalie,” Venera agrees. “But it must hit exactly what is happening now.Even though he will never stand out for speed because of his better reading of the game and tries to convince himself that he can be valid even before the opponent’s goal, he is looking to improve his shooting. “He’s training, he’s working on it, and he’s going to fall over. It is very important to help with the power play. The team will always sprinkle it with live water, “Venera says.

After sixteen rounds, the huge defender has four goals to balance his balance over the base year last year and two years ago. This year is about to move its maximum. “We’re trying to end up in blue, but it’s definitely not the basis.We will shoot all the beans, whether wound or hit, let the attackers attack, “commented Škurek and praised the cooperation with experienced partner Martin Vyrůbalík, who is preparing his position. “We are coaching together and finally it has broken in recent games. Finally, I’m a bit lucky that it falls to me. I’ve lost so much, so I’m hoping it’s over and we’re going to continue, “Škurek said.

The Chomutov opened the score with a bomb in 33 seconds, when Vyrůbalík just scored behind him. “I did not give the goal in the first round,” he smiled.With Pilsen also opening a score, by the crashing under the bar, he took advantage of the double power and at the end he raised to 5: 0 when he clicked the hockey sticker for a pass and again under the lid burned goalkeeper Svoboda.

“When the hard shot goes up , it is difficult for the goalie to catch, “says his recipe, which Mora once again believed in the spell of the home hall. “We finally broke it at home. It will definitely kick us now that we won nine points in three games, it will be some comfort, “he believes in today’s match in Liberec (18.00).