Olympia will be full of elan, he suspects Pardubice Jeřábek and fears the atmosphere

As soon as the leadership of Olympia decided to accept an offer to advance to the second league, the question arose as to where the team would find the necessary background to meet the federal conditions for the competition. It was clear that the modest stadium in Kuklena in Královéhradecký does not satisfy the requirements of FACR.

The club is therefore “split” and the male will play under the new name FK Olympia Praha at the Esken Rošický Stadium in Strahov. On the Czech conditions, a giant booth with a capacity of more than 19,000 seats was hard on the previous first-round encounters.

“I’m a little worried. According to my ten, the people will not make much of the atmosphere. It is hard to say what it is, “Jeřábek said.

Olympia left her distinctive face over the summer, matador Karel Piták.Together with him, the club regularly promoted to higher levels in previous seasons. Motivation to succeed in the FNL will not be a newcomer.

“It is the first game for them, so they will be full of enthusiasm and excitement. It will matter how we handle it and what we let it play. And we will see how they make up for us, “said Jeřábek, who is looking forward to the sixth year of Pardubice in the second league.

” I do not have much preparation for the many training sessions, although now it was better because played a lot of friends. Matches are better for me than two-stage training, “did not conceal the creator of the Pardubice game. On Saturday at 10.15, a long-time teammate, the expat-edged goalie Luděk Frydrych, should face him.The other names will be unknown to the 33-year-old Jahr. However, there is a certain overview of who else has moved.

“I look at it here, but to search for it and drive through the cadres, it does not,” admitted Jeřábek, who estimated the move between an elite of the Opava and Hradec Králové teams.

The native of Prachovice had to bust the end of the partner from the middle of the reserve Petr Kudrna after the season. His decision to end up in A did not try to talk to him in any way. “He got it from all sides. Every other day he had talks with somebody where he was persuading him. I have not bothered him completely, “said Jeřábek, who will continue to be the keynote in the cab.