On Sunday, he announces the year’s football player, a triumph defending Hamsky

BRATISLAVA. The results of the 23rd year of the traditional football poll of the Slovak Football Association (SFZ) and the Pravda daily about the best footballer of the Slovak Republic for 2015 will be announced on Sunday 27th March at the Bratislava’s Refinery Gallery.

On the solemn proclamation, everyone should be honored, as the prices of John Popluhar and Peter Dubovsky will be won by laureates between the two preparatory matches with Latvia and Ireland.

Among the ten winner candidates, the legions are the absolute majority.The only representative of the home league is midfielder Viktor Pečovský from MŠK Žilina.

The nominees are Ján Ďurica (Lokomotiv Moscow), Marek Hamšík (SSC Napoli), Tomáš Hubočan (Dinamo Moskva), Matúš Kozáčik (Viktoria Plzeň), Juraj Kucka ), Róbert Mak (PAOK Solún), Viktor Pečovský (MŠK Žilina), Peter Pekarík (Hertha Berlin), Martin Škrtel (FC Liverpool) and Vladimír Weiss (Lekhwiya SC). Defending Hamšík

Last year he won the trophy of Juraj Popluhar, a 20th century Slovak footballer, midfielder Marek Hamšík from the Italian SSC Naples.

Hamsik in the traditional microshoot battled captain Martin Skrtel from FC Liverpool.Twenty-year-old Spielmacher enjoyed the fourth triumph after 2009, 2010, 2013.

Even now, it’s a hot poll favoring performance in a national jersey or club. His biggest rival will again be Škrtel, who is also the four-time winner of the prestigious poll (2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012). A short photo gallery from the 2014 Futbalist of the year 2014 in Žilina. Futbalist of the year 2014 (5 photos)

“There were 35 experts, 20 coaches, SFF representatives and 15 journalists, four of whom were finalists, none but their rank.This year, 29 players were seen in the poll, which is more than a year ago, when the 21 men were record-breaking at least, “said Michael Zeman, editor of the Pravda daily, at the Wednesday press conference. “This is the record for the first time that the last mentions of the last year’s finalists were repeated. By contrast, the most changes in tenth-eight were in 1998. Seven new names appeared in the year, so 239 players earned it in its history. Of the Fortuna leagues, Viktor Pečovský is again in tenth, “Zeman said.

” The point difference between the first and the second is not dramatic. The last eight years is the Hamšík – Škrtel fight, both of them alternating in two-year cycles and have a record four triumphs.Apart from Dušan Tittel, no one has won the poll three times in a row. He has the chance to win Hamsky, “Zeman added.

Peter Dubovsky’s prize for the best footballer of Slovakia up to 21 years will be won by one of three Matus Bero (AS Trenčín), Ondrej Duda (Legia Warsaw) and Stanislav Lobotka (FC Norsjälland / AS Trenčín) Opening of the Hall of Fame

The poll will return to Bratislava, which will be moderated by Marcel Merčiak, will be broadcast live by JOJ, with musical guests including Polemic and Dara Rolins. p>

The historic moment will be the opening ceremony of the glory of Slovak football.After a successful year, when the Slovaks won their first Euro 2016 final in France, they will feature eleven legends, six memoirs and five living figures.

“I am glad that this year’s ceremony will not only be a mandatory ride, but we will witness an exceptional event. celebrate.We have an extraordinary generation of players and we are also looking forward to the 21st achievements, “Ján Kováčik, SFZ President, said.

Honorary Council of the Sime of Slovak Football (SSSF) composed of Milan Služanič, Jozef Vengloš, Jozef Jankech, Jozef Barmoš , Anton Urban, Vojtech Christov and Michal Zeman chose a final eleven-term menus whose name will be announced to the public on 27 March, based on a nomination list of fifteen candidates nominated by the executive board of the SSSF on January 12.

The best coach of the year will be one of the trio Pavel Hapal (coach SR 21), Ján Kozák (coach of the SR) and Martin Ševela (the helmsman of AS Trenčín).The defender is Ján Kozák.

The best player of Fortuna League 2015 was Matúš Bero from AS Trenčín together with Viktor Pečovský from MŠK Žilina. He has just defended Pečovský position, although for the first time the first division has broken.

The Fan Prize, which can be voted on sport.sk from Wednesday 16th March, will be awarded. Candidates for the 2015 Futsaler Award: