Pardubice in the derby victory, the Pilsen series ended Zlín. Sparta just fell

The magnificent 8-point winning line of Pilsen was not extended.
Chomutov managed to break the performance crisis in a match against Sparta when the Pirates played the 4: 3 in Prague in settings. Vladimir Ruzicka was the decisive shooter for the Pirate. Last Jihlava, who is starting to lose contact with the rest of the league peloton, defeated Olomouc on his ice 3: 2 in extra time, but on the last but Chomutov loses five points.

A spicy flavor did not miss a duel between Vítkovice and Liberec.Exliberecký Milan Bartovič finally managed to rejoin the victory of his new team 3: 2, Vítkovice shifted to three points a quaint goal from the workshop of Rostislav Olesz.

Comet has not won 5 times in a row, but the series has ended with a clear win 6 : 2 above Litvinov. Three points scored by twenty-year-old Luboš Horký (1 + 2).

Return to the Werk Arena in Třinec, with Vladimír Kýhos, former coach of the Steelmakers. This time, however, he stood at the visiting goal behind Mlada Boleslav, who was sent to the lead by an inconspicuous shot from the circle Jakub Klepis. The Třinec Hall was even worse after the Bohemian reinforcement of Vojtěch Němec, which benefited from the clever Klepiš’s passport.

The home has twice reduced its loss to one-sided.Tomas Marcinko scored first and then pushed the puck into the goal Bohumil Jank, responding to Orsava’s happy jump. The steelmen could even compare, but Mikulík did not get a shot at Maxwell. His second goal was secured by the triumph of the Klepis guests, the final Turynsk pressure was no longer useless. Not that Dukla in Jihlava found a clear recipe for clumsy shooting productivity, but it was enough for the much needed victory. At the Horácký zimní stadion, guests from Olomouc were the first to take the lead when Bruno Mráze found Holc.In the second act, however, they have already begun to push home, which led to the balance of Dostálka, who at the border of the goal-area found with happiness playing Zeman.

The spectators also picked up other opportunities in Jihlava, Čachotský attempt Konrád utrotil, Kubalik. Hands above his head could only lift Dukly players after the action of Čachotský, who first galloped in the air with a pass of the Skořepy, then rounded the sitting goalkeeper and pushed the puck to the closer stick. However Ondrušek equalized from the scorer and the game had to be extended. He finished the match with the exact match between Lukáš Anděl’s betting.

Vítkovice came in unusual, deep red jerseys, which should have given them a courage after a three-string match without winning.And indeed, in the tug-of-war it was always a Silesian whole, who was one step ahead. At the opening strike of David Květon, who found a gap between Bartošák’s concrete, he found a very quick answer by blow to the open goal of Ordoš. Barank’s goal again controlled by the bomber Jánošík yanked, but without response remained very quaint goal of Vítkovice. Rostislav Olesz walked from the left-hand lane to Will, who had taken his attempt. But Olesz shot off Derner’s defender directly on the goalie, who with the puck fell into the goal. The referee has nothing left to do but to show the cage that has just caught a really unusual winning goal.

Unstoppable Plzeň for the ninth attempt still fell…but in turn. In the first act was a lot to see Milan Gulaš, whose two promising penetrations had to be solved in a wide chase by goalkeeper Kasek. For the third time, Gulaš became more visible when the puff came to the offensive blue line, the Cinderella Cinderella and Ille did not use the brejk.

The Pilsen Stach, who was shortly after the power play, picked up the puck and placed it under the cover of Kašík’s sanctuary. Berani, however, took advantage of the numerical advantage in the third period when at the end of the brisk combination was the ending Happy. Pilsen could decide to extend its ninth triumph in a row. Against the first burning Jiri Ondracek, who, by his intervention, added a point to Zlín.

Five times and enough!Exactly so many matches in a row have lost Kometa players, but in the crisis they decided to make a thick line. Litvínov was not his new form, but his shot was clearly 39:18 in favor of the Brno team.

The goal and two assistances were scored by the domestic youngster Luboš Horký, the most famous of which was the Jan Hruška bomb, after Hynek Zohorna’s shooting, he fired exactly to the far corner of Kantor’s goal. The Litvínov goalkeeper has been replaced by Jakub Soukup in the third quarter.

The six-time Hradec supremacy in the East Bohemian derby managed to break Pardubice players finally. The excellent form was confirmed by Rostislav Marosz, who also took care of the first goal of a brisk match full of physical battles.In the second act, he climbed to a 2: 0 striking veteran Rolinek, but the guests were bumping for the first time.

First, in their own weakness, Červený ran off with a drafty Dragoun, in the third act the projectile of the same shooter was dropped by Kacel’s equipment. Three minutes before the end, however, Sýkora decided to place a shot at the empty gate with a three-point pass by Marosz. The great Pardubice evening was the only damage to David Tomáška, who had to be transported from the ice on the stretcher.

The seventh loss in the line was not allowed by the Pirates. In the fifth minute he opened the home score Vondrka, goal keeper Honzík could not see anything through the ball of players. Chomutov kept the lead until the end of the second period.First, the Skokan was raised from the separate escape, but Pech and Ricka stepped on the guests, but it was flattened.

But the comforted guests again calmed the Chomutovsky Tomica, who ran out of the circles and burned everything up. The Spartians did not, Jarůšek appeared in the free shot in front of goalkeeper Lukeš and was not mistaken.

Sixty minutes did not bring the winner, but a five-minute extension had hit a point on the side of the Pirates. The glassmaker has pushed the puck to the disqualifying rival with whom he rode across the whole Ruzicka ice rink and bounces well beside Honzy’s kicker.