Pekarík warned before the match with Malta: He does not wait us anything easy, but ..

Peter Pekarik believes Slovak football team following the successful results from the end of last year and Malta confirms the role of favorite. Duel Group F World Cup Qualification 2018 is scheduled on Sunday, March 26 at Ta’Qali.

Since the match at ground island rival Hertha Berlin defender not expecting anything easy. “Break was longer, as we saw in November. All the players in the meeting enjoyed. I believe it continues the successful results we have achieved against Scotland and Lithuania. In Malta we not expecting anything easy. Vytrápili the there are also other teams.We will need to be carefully prepared, because at home they Maltese even tougher and they will beat a good result, “ said the 30-year-old Winger. Slovaks commanding win not only the quality of the squad, but a chart position. “Everyone knows the situation in the table. We know that if we possibly think about procedure, this match we have to manage.After Malta go to Lithuania, if we had those fights made it, our position in the table is even better, “ he said.

Pekarík figured in the report of Slovakia in September 2014, when trainees John Kozak defeated Malta in preparation game in Zilina 1: 0th “I remember it very well because after this round, we started excellent qualifications for EURO 2016. we lived a long time and could not win against Malta, we broke that series. Memories are nice, although it was a difficult and tough match. Front of the goal we are conquering the whole ninety minutes and break the defensive wall of Malta was not easy.Something similar we also expect now, “ stressed the 73-fold national team.

In the National Team would like transferred comfort of club action. His Hertha figures in the table of the German Bundesliga in fifth place and attacking the place guaranteeing participation in the Champions League. Pekarík is among the key players in the team of the Hungarian coach Pal Dárdai. in nine spring duels completed the entire running time, 120 minutes added and the Cup match against Borussia Dortmund. “the atmosphere at the club is Excellent. The ambitions of the team was to finish sixth, currently we are in the fifth position and after a representative welcome break fourth Hoffenheim.If we have mastered this game, we can possibly think also had a higher ranking. So far it is satisfied. There’s still a challenging nine matches. I believe they can do and the objective of fulfilling, “ he says.

Before Tuesday’s solemn statement Polls Player of the Year 2016 has, like most of his colleagues from the national team on behalf of the winner clear. < strong> “My tip is Marek Hamsik because leadership deserves not only for their outstanding performance in the club, but also in the national team. So I guess the “ Pekarík said, adding: ” I am personally glad that I got back into the top ten.It certainly means a lot to me that I had got among the top ten in Slovakia. “