Peltu despite the draw with Northern Ireland was pleased with the performance of the team

The introduction of the Czech representation into a new era led by coach Karel Jarolím made a great impression on the chairman of the Football Association of the Czech Republic Miroslav Pelta. And despite home loss in the introduction of the World Cup Qualifiers after a no-draw tie-up with Northern Ireland. Pelta believes the team will also help to move Patrick Schick from the 21st.

“I have a good job, the coach and the manager (Jaromír Šeterle) did a lot of work in a short time. against Northern Ireland did not turn 100% chance, so we have a loss, but there have been very positive things, “Pelta told reporters today.

” Of course, we are creating a new team.So, in me, positive feelings prevail in what we did, even if it did not win. But it was the expectation. We saw hunger and want to win the win. I’m looking forward to the next matches and I believe we will be an unpleasant opponent for every opponent, “he added.

It was just that he did not get the most out of front, so he believes the team could help the arrival of Schick, which he liked very much during the games of the 21st. “I do not want to make him a star because he still has a lot to work on. But nowadays he belongs to the key players of our assault phase and it is a great promise for the future, “Schicka Pelta commended.

” Today his inclusion in the aka can not have the opponent.It’s just about to combine the interests of the aka and the twenty-one that plays an important match with Moldova and needs to score. We have to think about it, “Pelta admitted.

Twenty-one pleased him with his performances just like a hero, even though he lost smartily with Belgium. ” When I talked to the Lavička Winner to become a coach twenty-one, so I thought we did not have a very good team. Now, on the contrary, I think we have a strong team that if it gets to the Euro, it will have something to play to the end. Some performances of the players are very surprising, “ said the head of the FAČR.