Prague 10 did not agree with the city council on a memorandum on DOLÍČEK

Over Bohemians 1905 once again hangs the threat of moving to another stadium. Prague 10 did not agree with the municipality on a joint memorandum on the purchase of the Ďolíček stadium, where the first league club plays. The city council has adopted a draft memorandum today, but it does not agree with the capital. The owner of the stadium has then indicated that he intends to wait for the deal until the end of the autumn. According to the City Hall for the property of Karel Grabein Procházky (ANO), which took part in the meeting of the city council, only one percent of the text , which he did not want to specify.The stadium originally wanted to buy a part of the city and to exchange it for the plot of the next parking lot, and it is now planning to get Prague.

The transfer has been taking place since 2011 and football players are causing uncertainty about the stadium. The owner of the stadium, Bohemians Real, has signed a lease agreement with the football club until the end of the competition, but it is a clause to terminate it at the end of September.

This would be a necessity for a traditional Prague club moving, as suggested today by Bohemians Real representative Luke Eichinger. “If politicians do not find a solution by the end of autumn, we will go to another alternative.” Eichinger said on the website aktuálně.cz.

The impending move of ČTK was confirmed by Bohemians Prague Director 1905 Darek Jakubowicz. ” We have an ultimatum from the owner, but it must be preceded by a testimony. So we have some time. We will now make choices, so we will see how it moves before them. From my experience, I know that before the elections it will start to move a lot. But if it did not succeed in the election, then it would be a lot slower, “said Jakubowicz.

So far, he is optimistic. ” If I were a pessimist in Bohemia, I swing somewhere. I still hope it will work well. But we can not do anything about it. This is the negotiation between the city council and the city district, who gets the political points.And the owner only takes it, even if it is his property, “he added.

The memorandum between the city district and the capital dates back to the summer, today’s proposal is already its fifth version. > “Of course, the draft Memorandum of Prague 10 discussed with the capital, repeatedly. It is the result of several months of work not only on the Prague 10 side, but also on the capital city, “said Tomáš Pek, deputy mayor of Prague 10.

According to Procházka, the parties did not agree. > “We were very surprised that we did not receive any comments, not a memorandum, but an ultimatum. Neither I nor anyone in the Town Hall has officially seen it, “he said at today’s meeting, but according to Peek, the councilor received the last draft Memorandum 25.August. “I do not know why we did not know for the last 12 days whether it was the trip to China,” added Pek. Prague, according to him, takes the city part as a hostage.

The dispute is probably about the neighboring land, which Prague 10 has been entrusted with and on which it operates a parking lot.Prague has made the purchase of the stadium conditional upon its return, and the city side in the memorandum wanted it not to return to the next two years.

It has already set other conditions: for example, it wants to keep parking places or build a green belt around Botice. “We want to be sure that even if the land is administered by the capital, it will continue to be used for the benefit of the city’s population,” added Pek vice-mayor.

two years ago the stadium wanted to acquire the city by just exchange for the disputed land and a surcharge. But the capital did not approve the treaty, and eventually decided to buy the stadium from the Bohemians Real owner alone. The city district therefore unilaterally denounced the contract of exchange.