Rebirth and growing popularity. How to play football in China

He won both the Champions League and the European League, and at the age of twenty-eight he was ahead of his career for a few years. Brazilian footballer Ramires, however, packed a year ago in the famous Chelsea and received a lucrative offer from China.

Over the past few days, the renowned celebrities met at the restaurant of the luxury hotel on the island of Hainan. For example, Josef Hušbauer recalled how he was still opposed to being a Spartan in the European League in 2013.

“A lot of people see only money in my transfer, but that’s just not true. I was in a difficult situation because I was just a substitute at Chelsea.And at that moment I got an offer from China, and I said that such a chance may not come, “explained Ramires recently for

The weekend interview also promised, and even has sent you questions. After a quarter-hour wait, he told the interpreter that he had a temperature after training and could not concentrate on the answers. When Jiangsu Su-ning transferred for £ 25m (then about $ 900m) he was the most expensive the Chinese Superliga footballer.

Since then, four players have overtaken him. The record now holds another Brazilian Oscar winner, who came a few days ago also from Chelsea to Shanghai SIPG for 70 million euros (1.9 billion crowns).

Crazy numbers!Some of the well-known soccer player with experience in Europe has most of the sixteen clubs in the highest competition on the list.

Just for the idea – Argentine striker Carlos Tévez and Oscar win more than the best footballers of the planet Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi (without advertising revenue).

“I believe that in 20 years, the Chinese team will be competitive with the best,” said Chien-Ly Lyu, the Chienan football association.

The president’s estimate may be positive influenced the fact that he spoke immediately after the three-goal team of the Hainan Boying Seamen without Slavonics against Slavia.The surprising outcome of the preparatory match against the European rivals is obviously pleased. It is just the island of Hainan that is to become one of the football centers in the country where promising football players will grow and where foreign teams will also fly to the concentration camp. But there are already plans to build dozens of football fields and improve connections with the world.

Chinese clubs such as Jiangsu Su-ning, led by Ramires, are already flying here. p> knock, knock – a Brazilian midfielder on the training course with Alex Teixeiro, who came from Shakhtar Donetsk and stood a lot more. Among the Chinese teammates they look like brothers and soccer skills, others seem to outweigh.

“We have great plans.But we must start from the youth. We need to invite experienced foreign trainers who will train our children. That’s the only way we can improve, “said Jien-chai Lyu.

End of illogical spending

trainers and experts, not just overplayed players, is a trend. For example, the most successful Chinese club in the last years of Guangzhou is coach Luiz Felipe Scolari, Coach of the Brazilian World Champions of 2002 and Portuguese Vice Premier of 2004.

And other famous names in the competition – Felix Magath, Manuel Pellegrini or André Villas-Boas.All renowned coaches with many trophies.

The German expert Marco Pezzaiuoli, who played for example in youth youth shows such as Maria Götze from Borussia Dortmund, is of the Kuangso Academy.

this is just a solution, not buying foreign players for big money. I think it is better to invite experienced trainers to train our own players, “Jien-hai Lyu said.

The government and the soccer association are aware that it is useless to use a football player fifty but we have only a fraction of the average.

“We want to reduce the cost of transfers and regulate the players’ income adequately,” the Ministry of Sport announced. “We’ll introduce a limit on the leverage. We want to control illogical spending.Our goal, however, must be to build clubs that will last for decades. ”

The League will also reduce the maximum number of aliens that the club can put into the match. From the new season, it will only be five instead of five.

The economic power has already been spoken. The arrival of players, coaches, and other experts from abroad as you will.The association is now rotating an effort to educate young players – it would be a devil to not have a dozen talents in Europe’s most populous state!

Football in China is more and more popular. For example, average attendance in the Superlize was 10,000 in 2006. In the past season, more than 24 thousand have climbed and are still growing. This is by the way more than in Italy or France.

“Remember that Slavia has more than a hundred years of history. But now we catch up with what we have missed, “said Jien-chai Lyu.

Football in China is flying up. But will Europe or South America ever reach? State-of-the-art conditions are above-standard.Yet, in the golden cage, he was in the golden cage. When Jan Sýkora, the new mistress, was thinking about Chinese plans, he only smiled, “I think that when these guys think something, they can do it in a few years. ”

If there is any further concentration, Slavia may find out if this was the correct estimate.