Shame on the federal channel

Shame on the federal channel
Gnevnov Roman – about how the reality show “Who wants to be a legionnaire?” Shows us the true state of football in Russia.

In March of this year on the channel “Match” started a new project “Who wants to become a legionary?”. The goal is to find talented guys who, after completing all the selections, will be able to sign a contract with a foreign club and become legionaries. Time to reach the goal – 7 weeks. Under his wing, young players were taken by Valery Karpin and Sergei Yuran.
The purpose of this particular reality show is understandable and even somewhat disgusting. For it reveals the despair to which all our football managers have reached. Domestic football is in such a catastrophic decline that potential players with a Russian passport began to collect literally from yards. Guys who have spent their whole career, chasing a ball in a box or at a local stadium. Now they want to make professionals ready to play in foreign leagues. Given the concept of the show, by “foreign” they mean obviously not the championship of Bulgaria or Macedonia. All this resembles a movie about superheroes, where a bald wheelchair professor collects a team of young mutants, designed to save the world from a seemingly completely hopeless situation once or twice. This scenario is good except for Hollywood. In the realities of Russian football, thinking like cine categories is also foolish, like hoping for the victory of Zenit in the Champions League.

The people gathered on the project are not all good enough for something of their own. Participants are not good enough to play in a professional club; Karpin and Juran are not good enough to train a professional club; presenter Evgeny Savin is not good enough to be a commentator. And we, apparently, can only hope that the team of non-professionals, despite their complete failure, will be able to create something meaningful for Russian football.

The crazy house, made “Match TV”, is the most gracious waste of money and time. Great success, if someone from the participants will really sign a contract with the club at least from the Football National League. Gather frankly weak guys from the streets and in the shortest time possible to make legionaries out of them is unrealistic. You do not need to be a great expert in sports to understand this.

Suffice it to recall Manchester United and their search system for young players. The club’s scouts were looking for young players all over the Old and New World, brought to the academy, where a highly trained coaching staff made them professionals. So, in 2010 in Europe 72 pupils of academy “United” played. It is worth noting that only a few of them have played at a really serious level. And many did not even make their debut for the main part of their team. And they are graduates of the school of one of the best clubs in the world, who for years have been training under the leadership of high-level masters.