Shaqiri’s paradise for Switzerland has not helped

For the second time, Swiss football player Xherdan Shaqiri can boldly highlight the date of June 25 in his resume. Two years ago he shot a hat-trick into the world championship of Honduras. Today, he showed a great goal by a shot over his head, making it one of the most beautiful trips in the history of European championships. But he was spoiled by the fact that even his goal did not avert the elimination with Poland in the eight-finals of penalty kicks.

“It’s a beautiful goal, but it does not mean because we did not,” English Stoke midfielder. “Of course, I’m happy with the goal, I’m always looking forward to the national team, especially like this.But Shaqiri is now the biggest Swiss star and great talent for world football, but he has made a full history of Poland, when only the second player has managed To score at the European Championship scissors.

While in 2000 it was the Italian Antonius Contem in the lime, Shaqiri leaned to the ball acrobatically on the border of the penalty area.”It’s unfair for Poland, when Switzerland had two days longer to train the scissors from behind the lime.”

/ I> Gary Lineker, former British striker Gary Lineker, responded to twitter in exaggeration. “It is a very sensational goal,” he added.

His Swiss coach Vladimir Petkovic also appreciated his star. “It’s instinct and self-confidence that you need to hang in the air, it was unbelievable, but it’s a bit of luck, but we did not have it, and we dropped out,” he added. Petkovic.

Shaqiri lacked luck in the end. “At the end we had more chances than Poland. We could have decided but unfortunately we did not.They decided the penalty and Poland had more luck. We played very well against a strong opponent. We were better and deserved to go further. But it failed, “ regretted Shaqiri.