Shocking turn. How the Pardubice hockey players overcame the first Liberec

twenty-eight quarterback Mark Trončinský that weekend came to Dynamos on loan until the end of April, he scored two goals on Sunday (the latter of which had fallen into the empty cage), twenty-six striker Jan Sykora arranged important Tref 3: 3rd

Both thereby significantly contributed to the unadulterated hockey shock: recent Pardubice to Friday at home was not enough in raiding twelfth Olomouc humbled first Liberec its ice result of 6: 3!

“Great,” Troncins rejoiced after his debut for Dynamo. “I did not start very well, we collected twice and I had -2 (for taking part in the ice for the goals scored and received). I said, Jesus, it’ll be a fight…But then we got up.I did not give the two goals a long time, “he echoed his awakening.

The opening twenty minute went according to the likely scenario. Bartovich sent the White Tigers to the leadership of the Libra, and when Troncins soon counted, the acting masters punished this boldness with two directors. Anyone at that moment would count on the birth of the Pardubický spanking, but it should be completely different.

“The times (the defender Petr Čáslava, together with the Silesian minor owner Dynamo) yelled a little in the cabin, we said that we have to fight, because Liberec has rallied more than we do. Then we went for it, and I think we have earned it.It was a big challenge for us, “Trončinsky said.

For the second period, Dynamo won the Tomáška stop and the third shot of three goals from the game plus once in the power-play Tigers. For those he was especially deadly Derner’s own goal at 3: 5, which he scored for Redenbach.

“In the first third, Liberec was clearly better, but another team was in the other. We started to believe it could turn to our side, which eventually confirmed. Outstanding three points out there, “said Dynamo coach Milos Holaň.

Pardubice is next to play on Friday at 6pm when it hosts the fourth Hradec Králové derby this year.