SS Lazio – Turín FC 3:1

Lazio thanks to a perfect conclusion podařeným alternating humbled the visiting Bulls on Monday dohrávce and won 3: 1st Andrea Belotti stepped knocked enforce domestic Immobile, Keita and Anderson.

Monday dohrávka 28th round of the Italian Serie A offered a very interesting and emotional duel between two teams desperate to do sundaes. A much better position now have a home Romans under coach Inzaghiho that but tonight we did not expect anything easy. Lazio got a tough task to stop Belottiho Andreu, who plays in the vast stretches of Turin as a Bull.

Both coaches therefore put the best they had available. The home jersey, we saw Immobileho, Felipe Anderson Biglia or Milinković-Savić with bastions and de Vrij. Guests addition Belottiho also relied on Benassi, Baselliho, Moretti, Hart or deuce former Roman Ljajic with Iturbe. For them tonight memories of the derby, while on the opposite side of the barricades back to work in Turin recalled Ciro Immobile.

After a stadium anthem rang Serie A, called “O Generosa” into himself both teams released. Now Immobile twice in the first ten minutes got to finish, but reached first completely ideally the ball and fired a second time out. Lazio rather besieging his rival penalty area and tried to find a chink in his most well-working defense.

On the lawn in addition to emotions soon too many players from both camps, who writhed shorter or longer periods in pain. Both teams have nothing and had not given the game a lot of hurt. Judge Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni but he kept both teams in the clashes relatively free hand and whistle until after the player spent some time in contact with the turf. When the game already took twenty-five minutes after defender Stefan Radu, who limped off the side line and was substituted Lukakuem.

A moment later, he curled the ball Juan Iturbe from standard situations at the back post, but Andrea Belotti out of respect to the goalpost nezakončil. On the opposite side then showed Parole footer on rozeběhnutého Immobileho, but his weak attempt Rossettini in collaboration with Hart secured. While Turin relied more on fast counterattacks Romans settled before whitewash his opponent and dominated in combination.

Several times they were able to lock in Turin before Hart, but no pressure from the end of the half brought them a goal. To conclude the first half lunged forward Adem Ljajić, who went through the home defense. But the outcome was much worse because the young Serb fired off a lot! In the second half both coaches made preparations after one change, but the picture did not change the game for a while.

Ten minutes after the change of sides but Lazio took and soon garnered rewards. First Lukaku broke into the box and found it Parola. His wound was stopped by the bar! Biancocelesti, however, refused to throw for just one minute later, Hart could no longer be enough to prompt dorážku Cira Immobileho – 1: 0th

After an hour of fruitless games Turin efforts and unfavorable condition reached coach Mihajlovic change. Ljajic replaced Maxi López and he hoped the blonde from the Barcelona school will bring good luck. He hoped about eight minutes because Wallace then fouled rychlonohého Iturbeho and he gambled free kick. Now on Lopez gave Lazio defender slightest attention, which should not be doing – 1: 1st

But that was not all, because when he came on the pitch alternating Keita Balde, Lazio took charge of the reins. Now the incoming player took the ball to the leg and beautiful morning obstřelil goalkeeper Hart! English goalkeeper sailed air but nedoplachtil. While Turin put everything on one card, but it had backfired. At the very end is non-compact and tired defensive hosts once again humbled Felipe Anderson, who set the final score of 3: 1 for Lazio!