SSC Neapol – FC Crotone 3:0

Naples settled for a while in second place Serie A since this afternoon mastered the game against Crotone. This helped her among other things, two penalties, which successfully transformed gentlemen Insignia with Mertens, while Italian striker scored at the end again. Crotone so again, complicating efforts to rescue.

Crotone remains penultimate Naples at least until the evening duel AS Roma moves into the coveted second place. And all of it caused a duel under Mount Vesuvius, where the Naples to Crotone outsmarted. Today was definitely something to watch and who visited the stadium St. Paul definitely regret it.

In the report, the home we found a few new names, because your chances get Pavoletti, Strinić or Chiriches with Roge. Crotone sent the game into players like Rohde Capezzi, Crisetig, Stoian, Falcinelli or Trotta. The largest part of the work, of course, waiting for the keeper Alex Cordaze who had to intervene after just six minutes, and perhaps not entirely deliberate attempt Jose Callejon.

A few minutes later he did not help erring youth Capezzi who sent a bad pass to the feet Hamšík. Neapolitan captain then moved to Insigneho and his wound had Cordaz again disposed. After the bend into the match, the ball got Lorenzo Insigne, but the shot from nepropálil turn a defender in front of him.

To a large chance he got Marcello Trotta, who burned out. After thirty minutes, the first Naples rejoiced because Lorenzo Insigne in the penalty area fell to the ground and ordered Judge Mariani very questionable penalty! To her right stood an Italian shooter and accurate shot gave goalkeeper Cordazovi chance.

Five minutes before switching sides Napoli continued active playing style and one chance after another conquered the defense of Crotone. Insigne wonderful waist behind the defense found a colleague Callejon, who scored from close but only Cordaze. In the second half also had to prove goalkeeper Pepe Reina, who shot a visiting striker Diego Falcinelliho went on a corner kick.

After a few minutes, and one well Koulibalyho defender attempting to get the ball still very lackluster striker Leonardo Pavoletti, but even today, did not score. Indeed he lacked accuracy. After an hour of the game, we saw another penalty when he missed after contact with an unfortunate Sampirisim commanded the ground Marek Hamšík. Mariani again whistled a penalty kick and his execution took charge of the incoming shooter Dries Mertens.

With more prompt action rushed Jorginho, who devised a brilliant pass behind the defense, where he saw nabíhajícího Insigneho. Young first goal scorer perfectly worked long ball and calmly sent it beyond the reach of goalkeeper Cordaze! Naples was clearly the better team, playing prim and Crotone prosecuting them again. Neither the guests did not give up. Capezzi decided to shoot, but the goal of an experienced Spanish goalkeeper Reina missed.

Fifteen minutes before the end he rushed to another chance Dries Mertens, who elegantly bypassed one of the opponent, but then the whole event nezakončil exactly. And although goalkeeper Cordaze few minutes before the end of the game he overcame him on the goal line by a defender blocked Martella, who retained a difference of three goals.