Strips of genius. US super-Matthews subdues Toronto

Matthews played a sundown at Montreal Canadiens Sunday as if he did not allow pressure from fans, the media and the club himself to see or look for a savior in a rather spirited young man with hot Mexican blood in his veins. Were you nervous? “No,” was the resolute answer of a freshly 19-year-old forward.

Before the home fans – almost 19,000 – they showed how the extraordinary hockey player grew out of them.He was the first American since 2007 when Chicago Blackhawks secured Patrick Kane’s services, the king of last season’s NHL, dominated the draft.

Matthews was on two goals at Toronto goals, twice fired, with an impassioned penetration forced Mikul Sergacev’s foul, yet he penetrated magnificently before Mike Condon and ended, at the end of the third third hit the top of the goal Condon’s goal. >

Flashes of excellence, writing overseas. Undoubtedly.

San Ramon’s native of San Diego certainly helped to pass the World Cup before the Premiere in Maple Leafs, where in the first formation alongside Connor McDavid and Johnny Gaudreau he was dragging an offshore offensive in 23 years.At the prestigious international tournament, he flashed two goals and one assistant, and began to get the hearts of the Toronto Maple Leafs fans.

The experts were also invited to do so, but he did not surprise his team. After all, he played very well in May at the World Championship, in the quarterfinals against the Czech team scored the goal and then changed the decisive separate raid. No, the Czech spectator’s sympathy has not been won, but he has his respect. He became aware of it.And the cuts are still going on.

After his Sunday debut, he told himself that he felt ready to shine in the NHL, he fervently described his most striking moments. “The experience of the World Cup has helped me a lot, and thanks to it I have confidence that I can push myself on this level,” said a heavily watched newcomer, who stepped up next to other promising assailants of William Nylander and Zach Hyman. I suggest that I play, and then I burned violently. I had a place, but I probably do not want to save my goals until the sharp season, “he smiled bitterly as he tried to bring the overseas journalists closer to the 55th minute. The puck on the shot that Toronto supporters commented on as “from another world” and the like, clinked over the top stick.

The goals will come.Matthews does not panic, nor does his pressure make any trouble. “You have to go to ice and just show off performance. When you’re worried about making a mistake, you’re probably going to do it. I will simply play my hockey, and if something fails, it will be up to me. Anyway, I’m going to get hard to make mistakes as little as possible. ”

It seems that the miraculous American, unlike the glass, just does not bother.