Stybar had mixed feelings, but exulted: Winning is the son of Lewis!

A few days before the Tour de France, at the end of June, Zdeňku Štybarovi born son Lewis. Fledgling dad regretted that he could be home with his family briefly and immediately plunges into the peloton. From the French Le Havre, however, very soon he sent Lewis a beautiful gift: winning a stage of the famous race in the world by stages. He gave it to him.

“I am very happy that I could win for Lewis. This victory is for him.Win a stage in the Tour de France was my great dream and I’m happy to have him able to do, “she gasped Stybar in the end.

rider Etixx-Quick Step have so completely fix taste after Tuesday’s stage with several sections on dice, before which he was considered one of the candidates for victory. Three-time world champion in cyclocross two days ago he finished ninth. “Last time I did not work today, and I thought it would be more like Cavendish, but when I saw that fell off, so I tried it,” he said.So apparently he sounded an instruction from team meetings: who will have the opportunity to be after her.

And the opportunity came. Stybar started and was able to leave behind, and Petera Sagana. Czech cyclist won a stage in the Tour de France after fourteen years, the last time it succeeded Jánu SVORADA in Paris in 2001.

“I experienced incredible feelings are likely to be at the same level as the emotions after the first title of the cyclo-cross world champion camp. The change of terrain on the road has not been easy, I went through a rough time, but I managed it.Although the whole I’m still there and it will probably take some time before I realize what I’ve done, ever this day forget, “he rejoiced.

Still, he Stybar and mixed feelings, because the leader of his team Toni Martin fell, and with a broken collarbone must leave the Tour de France. Right on target with the ideas of Martin raced Štybarovou head. German cyclist came to wish him and the two fell a few words.

“How does it look?” Said Stybar.

“I’m going to x-ray. But you enjoy it, “said Martin.

X-rays then showed a fractured collarbone. The team met in conference to be passed on further steps.The declaration was eagerly awaited by the minute.

“That’s why my feelings are mixed,” said Stybar even before the final verdict fell to Martin in the Tour ends.