Štybarova story of triumph: teeth left on the tarmac, almost ridden Tour

spurt at the end of the sixth stage of the Tour de France, which odšpuntoval less than a kilometer before the fall of leader Tony Martin and other cyclists spat unexpected winner. The aim whistled for a first stage victory Cech after 14 years Zdeněk Štybar. Life success, no doubt, preceded by somersaults in their personal and sporting lives.

“It’s amazing, everyone goes to the Tour with a desire to win a stage. It was my big dream,” rejoiced to television cameras at the finish in Le Havre excited Stybar. Shortly thereafter, Czech rider stable Etixx-Quick Step climbed the steps to the stage and with a broad smile waved to the audience.A head, maybe he flew that lacked little, and famous race not participate.

The reason was the expected first child, who was to come into the world in the opening day of the famous race.

Start Tour vs. participation in childbirth

This year’s Tour de France started on July 4, the day on which the date of birth was determined Štybarova Belgian wife Ine. A Czech cyclist was clear in emergencies did not and will not miss it.

“perhaps the ideal scenario would be that the baby was born a few days earlier. Maybe I managed to be at the birth and at the start of the day prologue.Going from Utrecht and others will bear the Brasschaatu, an hour away, that maybe I could make it, “he mused journalists Stybar, who at that time had no participation in the Tour some did not.

Eventually son Lewis came to world with a weekly advance on Friday, June 27. On the same day, then Štybarova stable Etixx-Quick Step has announced the final nominations for the Tour, the name of the nine-member Czech driver file was missing. World cyclo-cross champion in the years 2010, 2011 and 2014 and could begin to look its premiere participation.Finally, twice was nominated, the year before he knocked out knee problems that ended up operations.

And last year, the surgery avoid the back.

Blood and Štybarovy teeth on the Belgian asphalt

In August, it will be exactly a year when Zdeněk Štybar experienced perhaps the worst fall career. At the end of the fourth stage of the race Eneco Tour, which won the previous year, in Belgium he fell from the bike and with a bloodstained face lay on the asphalt. Diagnosis? Embossed five teeth and required immediate surgery.

“Everything looks good so far, but has trouble eating.And although he the wound healing nicely, doctors are worried about what to do about the sweat to the need of the sun, “said after the surgery fans Štybarův father Zdenek senior.

Štybarův face after the fall looked frighteningly alone but cyclist from the injury and made fun of social networks would place his scarred face with humorous commentary.On Instagram has added a photo of funny poses no teeth, and escorted her commentary: “I’m sexy and I know it!”

Demanding surgery fortunately succeeded, and his role was also played by coincidence. “One of the best plastic surgeons in Belgium should just leave and to the hospital just to get something came and persuaded him to make a Zdenek care,” explained the circumstances of the operation Štybarův dad.

Stybar due to the fall came on August Vuelta, taste you but fix on another race Grand Tour, TourData de France, where on Thursday sensationally won the sixth stage.

Various fate mates: Stybar won, Martin finished

If you should be Stybar favorite some stage, it would be the fourth.On your favorite dice but the former cyclocross rider finished ninth. “Last time I did not work, and tonight I thought it would be more like Cavendish, but when I saw that fell off, so I tried it,” he said at the finish Stybar, who concluded smoothly přespurtoval Petera Sagana.

< p> “at the team meeting we were told that when the chance, so we have to try,” added the Czech rider, who was followed on stage triumphs Jána Svorady of the years 1994, 1998 and 2001.

the joy of winning his marred only heartache of fate team partner Tony Martin. the leader of the race, 800 meters before the finish in the fall broke his collarbone and the Tour de France had to withdraw.