Svancarla about Hollweg: Murder and attempt on her is the same. Others are more restrained

The editors of addressed four different personalities to share their opinion not only on Hollweg’s foul on Tomas Vlasák’s famous fame, but also on his personality and position in the Czech hockey scene.

When I look back at it, I think ten matches are too much. Yes, it was a foul to be eliminated by the end of the match. But from the footage, it is obvious that Hollweg did not want Vlasák to let that leg out. I think the punishment is exaggerated. Jarda Hlinka did not get two minutes for the same procedure on Hollwegg in the 1st round. It’s a warning finger from a disciplinarian, I agree with Martin Straka.

2. It is good that there are also hockey players playing from the floor. At least the Czechs will be outside and become accustomed to the international scene. I do not think the Hollweg would be insidious.Yes, he collected a lot of punishments, but if we put them together, we would not find a lot of unfair treatment. They may be over-hard, but they do not see that they want to hurt someone. It’s his hockey style. It is not a good idea to make beautiful passes and to score goals. It’s just a lie. Such a devil needs every manchaft.

Petr Švancara, hockey fan

1. There is no difference to me when someone tries to kill or when the murder happens. It’s just the same and done. Shuffling the Vlasák wanted, so the punishment is adequate. Personally, I’m crazy about this. I know in football when someone wants to shake me. I have always been able to skip or avoid the Lord.In hockey it is twice as difficult and ends up with a terribly unpleasant injury. I condemn it in a terrible way, so I would add a warning to ten matches in the sense: “Once again, and you will have it for two years. I myself got 6 matches in the soccer game because I hit the opponent in the face unintentionally. But it just happened. That belongs to that. Besides Hollwegg, it was an intent.

2. The Czech fan wants to see skirmish and hard game, but intentional injury, that’s wrong. It is no longer about sport. Fair lovers I love, such as Duda or Kočí. I’m going to look at them, such a hockey player is interested. I want to see the hardness, but in the human mantinel.I’m not sure if this is true with Hollweg, who already has more misconduct than that.

Father of the famous assailant

1. Tomáš Vlasák, who Hollweg hit during the game, is my friend, we play tennis together, but I certainly did not have ten matches. It’s probably the result of his recidivism, but I would not punish myself like that. Moreover, it is very difficult to judge whether it was Hollwegg’s intention or not.

2. I know that it is a matter of whether a player such as Hollweg belongs to the Czech environment. In my opinion, sometimes it is necessary to stiffen, hockey are not girls or footballers.I prefer playing in the body, but this is hard to judge because I can not see Plzen so often. That is why I do not want to say whether such Hollweg clashes are looking for.

Jakub Petr,

1. Of course, it was a fault, but it does not look so dramatic from a repeat shot. Ten matches are a lot, but the disciplined gentlemen have experience with the assessment of similar issues, they have resolved it repeatedly, so it probably has its merits. If someone else did, he would probably get less. But Hollweg had problems in the past, so he can not reasonably expect the lowest limit of punishment.Anyway, it’s good that there is a controversy around it, because we’ll all make it clearer.

2. Our hockey is different from Canada, where the conditions are hard. When a beautiful hit takes place there, they repeat it all night on TV. Perhaps now Nathan Walker was playing Venc Karabáček and it was running everywhere. Some fans go out of their way and I think it belongs to Czech hockey. However, this must not go beyond the rules. Personally, I would not say that Hollweg does not have to do in extralize. It’s a revival, and it’s doing well for Plzeň.That’s why Straka keeps him.