The Bohemian Enchanted Process and Performance: Great victory, it gives us self-esteem

“It’s a great victory for us. For the players, the club, the fans and our future, because it will give us confidence. We wanted to move, we fought for the last minute. And that’s on the field of an unpleasant opponent, in addition to the performance we showed we deserve, “said Czech for the Arsenal website. “We knew that when we put together a collective performance, complemented by individual performances, we have a chance. And on the pitch we did exactly what we said in the cabin. “Arsenal entered the group with two defeats, then at home Bayern Munich, but on his course clearly lost and his chances were already very small.The two final winnings at the time when Arsenal is hit by a strong marod, but the process eventually fought.

“At Olympiakos we needed to score at least two goals and win. But we played really well. First we got the goal and then the goal and in the second half we confirmed it when we were great at the back and we had an attacker in the form. This is all the easier, “said Bohemian teammate Olivier Giroud, who scored all three goals. The French striker first pushed his head, followed by his foot and the penalty. “Gives goals whenever we need it. This is very useful for us, “said Čech Giroud’s performance.

He was treated to the second goal and seemed to have to change.But he eventually continued the game and immediately scored the decisive goal.

“He said he was going to be fine. He had pain, but it took a moment for it to go. And then he decided. He is a great season, but this was a great moment and he made an extraordinary result, “he praised Bohem.

Great coach of Arséne Wenger, who also appreciated the presentation of the team in Piraeus.

“It’s a fantastic success for us. In recent weeks, we have lost some support and almost nobody believed us. But we are a real team. In the dressing room the boys are very close and today it was on the playground to see. They have mastered both tactically and mentally, and have demonstrated true collective performance.It is one of the most valuable victories I remember, “Wenger was pleased with Arsenal’s lead since 1996. He also thinks that after unsuccessful November, Arsenal will reinforce the rest of the season. “It will certainly increase self-confidence. It’s a special win for us because we were fighting for survival. This creates positive memories for players. Maybe it will be a happy year for us in the Champions League. You never know, “Wenger added.