The century of the club has come

The century of the club has come, and “Barca” became the champion of the Examples. This, however, the leadership was not enough – it expected to see the Champions League final in the home field, but the blue garnet flew out of the tournament at the group stage.

In 1999, Figo, who had recently learned the bitterness of defeat during the qualification of the 1998 World Cup, sharply began to realize the lack of prestige. He appreciated the adoration of the Catalan audience, but it seemed to him that the club itself underestimated it. He wanted world recognition and hoped to achieve it with his native team in his hometown.

His last season was spoiled by an internal conflict. Van Gaal filled Barcelona with the descendants of his country – at some point the team swelled, trying to accommodate Ruud Hesp, Michael Raiziger, Frank and Ronald de Boers, Philip Cock, Bolo Zenden, Winston Bogard and Patrick Kluivert. Rivaldo quarreled with the coach because of the position on which he wanted to perform.


In 1999 and 2000, Figo was good, despite all the problems. On the battlefield Examples of “Leopard” suddenly lost to “Deportivo”, which celebrated its first championship. In Europe, things went better – the club played better in the cup mode and left the band without problems, and then created an incredible cambeck in the quarterfinals against Chelsea.

And wherever there was success, it was the influence of Figo, who, however, was forced to miss the first semi-final match against “Valencia” because of the search of yellow cards. Somewhere at this time and there was a turning point.

Watching the match from the stands, Figo saw how his partners were simply destroyed by the charges of Héctor Cooper. Losing 1: 4, the Catalans hardly believed in another incredible twist in the return meeting. Fig honestly hoped for success, but even his task was not on the shoulders. It was his last exit in Catalan colors.

Euro 2000 came, where Figo helped his team to qualify for the semifinals, and Florentino Perez unexpectedly won the presidential election in Real Madrid. He promised to buy out Figo – and kept his promise.