The handball ends with “The Fairy Thousand and One Night”. Qatar full of strangers fell

And the answer is satisfactory; until it can be said that it produces satisfaction. The men in the jersey dresses stared at each other in disbelief, for they could not do it, and the rival rolled them. The Qatar handball players in the Olympics have dropped out of the quarterfinals, eliminating the most controversial team from the game at all.

His natives from Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Cuba, France, Spain and Egypt joined him. Those who came to the world in Qatar were minimal. This sporadic sportsman is a non-homogeneous sportsman, the Spaniards are his assistant, statistics, and a representative physician.

A crowd of their compatriots tried and at one time even called “Qatar, Qatar!”But the explanation is simple: the Brazilians are fond of outsiders in the auditorium, which is what the representatives of the desert state were, for the winning Germans were rolling. Even the Cuban flag in honor of Rafael Capote’s best cannonist (born in Havana) did not help anything.

“I’m really happy. Likewise, each and every one of my teammates, “Fabian Wiede said after the crushing triumph of 34:22. The Germans showed the pride of national pride against the opponents they had to come back to. The Katařans won silver in the Doha World Championship last year and the handball still did not take it. Just under the top came out because of the very generous favor of the barrels and in the quarterfinal they were angry about the Germans.

So much luck.They wanted the retaliation very much.

The top of the Cathar “social engineering” was to become Rio but not everything worked twice in a row. There was something missing from the introduction. Perhaps the home environment?

“It is very nice to beat this opponent. Especially at the Olympics, the essence of which is to fight for his country, “the Frenchman Valentine Porte delighted after the crushing triumph of the 35:20 group, in which the winners in the final of the World Cup show how much Katařany Gulf advantage received:” We play for the joy of handball, they for the money.Fans love to see when they fall. “

The Rio Handicraft hosts the Future Arena, and many were afraid of the black future of sports: rich countries simply bought new citizens, making them jump Peak.

Qatari in handball has seen the Olympic premiere. Before a series of purchases of a similar magnitude, like in the supermarket, you get into the basket half a shelf, they were also in Asia. But the queens can sometimes afford to look at money as an abstract figure in their accounts. Sport is supposed to help Qatar become famous, so they pay and pay. They enjoy the football championship in 2022, but they do not overlook other sectors.The team that did not come to Rio this time is the most visible example.

“The defeat is not the end of handball in Qatar, on the contrary. It’s a great lesson that we have to work even harder, “said Marko Bagarič, a native of Croatia. Spanish coach Valero Rivera was more straightforward: “We were a bad opponent on the pitch.”

This “fairy tale of a thousand and one night” eventually ended, at least its most striking chapter. Sorry few.