The Italian neutralized the Atlético

The Italian neutralized the Atlético without opening the free zones ahead. The team played not in the style of Antonio, patiently – either went into the attack a small number of players, or put on long passes and acceleration Alvaro Morata. And in the end, Comte broke his brain to us and his opponent – released the sixth defender – Andreas Christensen – in the field and went on the attack! So only that psycho who on a trainer’s bridge with the reddened face waved hands from misses of Morata can only. As a result, “mattresses” scored only from the penalty spot, and guests from Fulham Road twice due to the tactics put in the first case and despair in the second.

“Chelsea” Conte did not flinch even after the missed goal in the bones, and with serpent calm continued to preach his style of play. And in the end the players rushed to the attack as carelessly and fearlessly as their coach in their best years of the player. Marcello Lippi many times scolded opornika Conte for insane attacks in the penalty area. Allenatore understood that this instilled fear into his opponent, but calmness was more important for him.

Antonio does not know what it is. He will drive players ahead when the score is 2-0, and then the first serious match after returning to the Champions League and 1: 1 on the scoreboard. Naturally, here Conte will blush from the tension and scream in the field after any misfire wards.

And, of course, it’s like a lion will release emotions, screaming after the victorious goal in the last attack, and after the whistle it will loudly slap on the back of the author of the ball.

And this is justified joy, because after such a space performance with such emotional accompaniment, hardly anyone will perceive Chelsea not seriously, like Manchester City. And hardly anyone in the playoffs will want to get a ticket to Fulham Road.