The Portuguese was 27 – the most flourishing

The Portuguese was 27 – the most flourishing – and he agreed to the impossible. He not only became the most expensive player in the world, but also committed the main betrayal of the possible. He did not just go to the camp of a principled rival, but also exchanged the independent idealists of the Catalans for the team in the very center of the centralized Spanish authorities. The problem is not that I left, but in where. The hero of Barcelona, the captain, the standard-bearer passed to the main enemy. He was not just a footballer, he was a national hero.

And then another story began. Hatred replaced adoration, the cut off heads of pigs flew into it, and Barcelona asked UEFA to remove Figo from the team for a match of legends in 2015. The pain of parting is strong to this day.

Figo was so important to Barcelona, and his departure attracted a wave of resentment that today his images in blue-pomegranate colors seem fiction, fake. All expected van Gaal’s departure and the fact that the Portuguese again lead the team behind him, but he eventually harmed the team like no other.

Portuguese Phoenix. How Manuel Fernandes started burning again
Denis Benevolsky – about the volcanic revival of midfielder “Loco”, which deserves to become a partner of Ronaldo.

– Who was the most disappointed in the “Loco”? Fernandes! Unpleasant type. That’s why he did not achieve anything in football – his character does not allow to realize what nature has given. I talked with him a lot, trying to get him into the world, but he is a thing in himself. Self-sufficient completely and unreasonably despises all around. Mind does not shine, as well as all the rest, – Olga Smorodskaya’s words in a recent interview with Eurosport.

Portuguese Phoenix. How Manuel Fernandes started burning again
Photo: Lokomotiv’s official website,

Why is Olga Yuryevna so ungraciously responding about Manu? Surely Fernandes played the whole of last season and with his fatal cutoffs called “Loco” to the descent from the 5th European Cup place to the 6th, giving the right to call the year a failure? No. Late for training, undermining team morale? Also no. Then for what?

The answer is simple. Olga Yuryevna, apparently, did not share something with Manuel and burned the brand on it: “For the Premier League it is not suitable.” To swear with the stars of the club, she knows how, recalling the battle with Bussufa and Diarra. As for Fernandes, he spent all of last season on the bank, going only in the matches of the League of Europe and the Cup of Russia, while showing very high-quality football. But in the Premier League, as the president decided, it was absolutely impossible to appear to him. Surprisingly, he managed to hold on the field those same 182 minutes in 4 games of the championship. If the player does not show the proper level of the game, he is given a ticket to the bank – everything is logical. But Manu in the season before last was the best scorer of the club, sometimes scoring balls, which would not be a shame to send to the editorial office of Sky Sports for rivalry with the top-end champions of the Premier League. And then suddenly I suddenly forgot how to play football. It’s strange, is not it?