The verdict on punishment for Pistorius for killing falls first on Tuesday

The verdict of the sentence for Oscar Pistorius for negligent homicide should fall on Tuesday. Judge Thokozile Masipaová today in Pretoria heard the closing arguments of the defense and the prosecutor, and then adjourned the hearing for next week. Defense lawyer Barry Roux for handicapped athlete suggested house arrest and community service, prosecutor Gerrie Nel requires a minimum of ten years in prison.

Defense of closing arguments asked the court for a lighter sentence with regard to what has already Pistorius after shooting girlfriend lived. “I already lost everything. Above all, he lost the woman he loved, “said Roux.Twenty-seven athlete, according to him, not a broken man, but it is also broke.

Staying in jail, according to Roux, Pistorius was too drastic punishment. He therefore appealed to the judge that in its decision applied the South African principle of “ubuntu,” which can be loosely interpreted as a favor to others.

According to the prosecutor Nela but would be just punishment of community service scandalously disproportionate to what Pistorius has caused. For the six-time Paralympic winner therefore called for a long prison sentence.On the question of the judge what constitutes the concept of long-term, Nel said: “Ten years is the minimum judgment, would the public happy.”

Pistorius last year on Valentine’s shot over the bathroom door in her house model Reeve Steenkampovou, which he claims to be confused with the intruder.

Judge Masipaová affected runners, who became, thanks to healthy plants starts in international celebrity athletes, absolved in September murder charges.