The week was nervous, then he was the hero of the games. He got to the legends in Rio

He added a bronze with a four-wheeler on Saturday.

Gold Dostal in Rio did not win, so the winner Judge Lukáš Krpálek would beat him in the medal. The most prominent Czech figure of the second half of the Olympics, however, was undoubtedly. At the end of the day, he symbolically took on the role of the flagship from Krpálka, who performed it at the start of the game.

“I enjoy it tremendously,” said Dostál, 23,

Testimonial is testifying to it

Indeed: as if he was a hero of the game. Even before them, he claimed that his position in the serenity of the biggest Czech stars did not bother, but in the week he enjoyed the newly acquired attention of the surroundings.

He has been passionate about self-playing with Czech and Brazilian fans.He was looking forward to talking to journalists. After tuesday, he explained with exaggeration how frightened he was that the camera won the winning Spaniard Walze when winning the prize. He argued that he did not have an increased interest; and there was no reason not to believe him.

“I am very happy to give pleasure, so if I can make someone happy, whether in a newspaper article, a TV interview, or when I show up for an action, only good. I’m looking forward to it, “he said.

Nervousness, pain, euphoria

olympiads! He arrived in Rio a week before the start of the races. Even with his eternal smile and optimism, he thinks he has nothing to do, admitting his nerves. “I did not go well.The wait was terrible, “he said.

However, he had the tremendous desire to win a medal. In the longing for her, the singlkajakar’s torture was chewing on the inside of her cheeks until blood spattered at the target. “The most painful race in life,” he recalled.

The suffering brought him medal relief, but then doubts. He was afraid that if he failed four, he would be spoiled by the Olympics. That’s why he honored his silver only in a decent way. And he was going to another summit.

There was little on Saturday to add the second to the first silver, but finally the Slovak four, the Czech just overtaken. “He was missing a bit, the Slovaks slept better. I did not beat my beard, so I knew the killer in the race.Greater air resistance, I apologize to the boys, “he gawked over the overgrown face.


In addition to the enormous figure, the dense beard is its next clue. “The original idea was that I would intimidate my opponent. They’ll think I’m grown-up, and they’ll get into my pants, “he smiled.

Then he decided to get his face in the shape of hockey players who do not usually shave at the end of the season as one of the rituals. “It’s because of the form. I’m not superstitious about the power of things, but if I shave, I’d be afraid to shave my form too. But it makes me terribly upset, “he admitted.

I have three medals.Only two!

Over the past four years, Dostal has had a great transformation. At the last Olympics, he was preparing to graduate as a teenage teenager, now he was leaving with confidence, reinforced by four medals from the last two world championships.

“At that time, I did not have a head entirely focused on sports. Now it is much more prevalent now. That position has changed. I know how I’m doing it. On the other hand, it was a bit cooler that everyone was expecting a result. That could be deducted, added, and it would be zero, “he said.

That you are healthy believing it was known to him.On Saturday, he met a canoeing colleague and current Czech Olympic champion Martin Doktor, a double champion from the Olympics in Atlanta.

And he nodded to him: “So I have three medals from the Olympics. And just two. “Doctor’s reaction? “He can. It’s great. Here, “he said, and knocked his heart.

The Olympics in Rio made Dostál one of the most important sports figures of the Czech Republic.